Friday, January 31, 2014

Some people will lick anything to go see Bryan Adams

Licking for Bryan Adams

Desperation arrives onto a new platform, especially for some East Coasters and even some who travelled all the way from Margate. These gutsy people are willing to lick anything for a pair of Bryan Adams tickets whose show starts on 31 January.

From licking toilet bowels to large green dustbins, contestants were willing to go to the extreme. Thousands of photos were brought in to the Breakfast Stack, but only a few selected were asked to the East Coast Radio  studio for a final ‘lickathon’!! Plot twist: each contestant’s significant other had to do the licking.

Each pair of the four contestants were asked to pick a number from one to four and whoever’s number was called out had to step up to the plate had to lift up their lid to find out what was in store for their tongue.

 The one contestant; Leon Fourie, of whom we all cringe to, of which at first, in the beginning licked his own dogs’ poop brought. Leon had decided to bring along his wife Brenda who had to like the sole of an old used slip slop that had a long piece of gum stuck to the underside of it. A disgusting image, but even funnier to watch her take a good long lick at it. Let’s just be grateful that it was not any one’s slop, it was only the Breakfast Stack’s Back stage producer George Thorne whose foot is the only one that has touched it.

Chicken gizzards are up next, and the very brave contestant, Veronica Goose stepped and licked it without it being cooked. Yes... they were raw. Bravery obviously runs in the family when her daughter Tarryn decided to go all out and licked a cockroach for her own entry. 

However, what made things weirder was when a toothbrush dipped in whoever knows what. This sticky challenge was given to Dominique Bruwer to do the honours for the opportunity to win those Bryan Adams tickets that all these contestants wanted.

The final contestant, Ashir Daodary, was the last of the four to get the chance to pick up a lid, which according to Darren Maule; was the worst out of all them: an old tissue that had some very strange snotty looking substance.

Ashir, Dominique,Veronica and Brenda all pulled off the stunt with confident ease. And so, because of all of them doing so well, Darren Maule and the team with their very kind hearts, made everyone a winner. 

Article by +Lauren Immelman 
(Picture - Supplied) 


  1. And it was all worth it we loved the consert, it was awesome, thanks to east coast radio and the breakfast stack.

    1. Glad to hear it Brenda - Kind Regards Fred