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We Review The Blackberry Q10

Review of Blackberry Q10

Let’s begin with the great packaging which includes instructions and a charger which doubles as a USB connector, nice touch that.

The phone has a bigger screen than the Curve and features a touch screen and a keyboard.
It features the Blackberry Hub which enables you to swipe and check for important messages or notifications from time to time.

How the touch screen works:
To get rid of a app just swipe up and the app is minimized and you can then get rid of it.

Phone Features:

You can import contacts from your various accounts including your social media accounts or your email, calendar and contacts.
You can load images and details for contacts right down to BBM Pins and their social accounts and include custom ring tones and notifications for each contact.

It features a standard calendar and you can also add the Location and Participants and any notes for the meeting.
Documents To Go
Features apps for doc files, xls or powerpoint files.

Features: 8MP, Flash, Auto & Ratio settings and a Video Camera.
It does however feature one amazing little advance.
Blackberry Time Shift Mode lets you take a picture and then you can go back or forward in time to choose the best image.  It works by sliding your finger left or right on the screen and it is quite remarkable to view.
Images or Videos can be stored in the Pictures or Videos section.
Blackberry has also included Story Maker on this phone which lets you make short movies on the phone.  You can edit them on the phone.

Social Media Networks
The phone comes with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Foursquare.

The phone comes with Blackberry Maps so you can find various locations and you can also see traffic conditions as well.  You can also share your locations with others.

The browser is pretty fast and you can search with ease for pages.  Bookmarks are easy to add.  The browser also comes equipped with a Reader if you want to read a page later.  You can also share pages with ease. 

The phone also comes equipped with YouTube and one can watch with ease.

The phone also has a nifty little function called Remember.  You can add items to remember with notes or even tasks.  You can also add images, sounds and attachments,

The phone also has Evernote for all your note taking needs.

It also features a handy Weather App from AccuWeather which gives you temperature, sunrise, sunset, windspeed and weekly forecasts.  You can also add Cities and also share weather data.  It also features Radar Maps.

The clock allows you to add multiple cities and features an alarm and stopwatch and timer.  It also allows for multiple alarms as well for people who need reminders from time to time. 

Other Nifty Tools:
·         Calculator
·         File manager
·         Compass
·         Box
·         Dropbox
·         Adobe Reader
·         Voice Recorder
·         Smart Tags for barcodes, NFC, QR Codes and your own tags
·         Search
·         Tutorials

Handy Settings Include:
·         Wi-Fi
·         Bluetooth
·         NFC
·         Mobile Hotspot
·         VPN
·         Internet Tethering
·         Flight Mode
·         Blackberry Protect

Under the hood:
Software: Blackberry
Total Storage: 16GB
Total Memory: 2GB

Device Monitor shows you device usage stats and which apps are using memory
For all the handy options on the touch screen remember to either swipe up from the bottom of the screen or swipe down from the top of the screen.
345 Hours standby time (3G)
13.5 Hours talk time (3G)
4G LTE Ready

Final Opinion
This phone certainly is something new from Blackberry and features a fresh insight into how a phone should be designed. Certainly worth looking at if you are looking for something new.

(Picture and Video Courtesy of Blackberry) 

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Review by +Fred Felton 

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