Monday, February 17, 2014

Review of the Samsung Galaxy S4mini

This is a treat.  From the start one is impressed with this.  The packaging is made of 100% post-consumer recycled paper and printed with soy-based inks.  It is 100% recyclable.  Nice move Samsung.

Under the hood
·         HSDPA 21.1 / HSUPA 5.76
·         Screen is 108.5mm Super AMOLED
·         Runs on Dual Krait 1.7 GHz Processor
·         1.5 GB RAM Memory
·         8MP AF Camera and 1.9MP Front Camera
·         GPS
·         1,900 mAH Battery
·         Wi-Fi
·         Runs on the Android System
·         Bluetooth

Although this phone is big in the hand it is surprisingly light to hold.  Quick start up time to begin with. 

Phone Contacts
·         Easy to set up and can be integrated with existing accounts
·         Also features a nice search function
·         Includes a Groups feature and Favourites section

·         Simple to understand design
·         Features predictive text with a few options for quicker typing

·         Nice features on the camera which include face detection
·         You can also tag your friends in those awkward pictures
·         Also includes video for those precious moments

Other Features
·        Samsung Apps and of course the Play Store for loads of apps
·         Features plenty of cities for you to customise your time
·         Has a handy alarm for those important meetings
S Planner
·         Allows you to plan your day, also has useful list and task integration

Also included
·         Calculator
·         Voice Recorder
·         Files Folder
·         ChatON
·         Samsung Link
·         WatchON
·         Samsung Hub
·         Music
·         S Voice
·         Translator
·         S Memo
·         Group Play
·         Google – Of course
·         Google +
·         Messenger
·         Hangouts
·         Chrome
·         Play Books
·         Play Magazines
·         YouTube
·         Play Music
·         Maps, Navigation and Local
·         Dropbox, Flipboard
·         Story Album
·         Even has a FM Radio

What I like about it
·        I love the customisable home screen which means you can set it if you are more interested in your schedule or if you prefer to see the weather or something else.
·         Has a handy data usage tool so you can see how much MBs you have used
·         Screen Mirroring – you can share your device’s screen with another device
·         Driving Mode – Incoming calls and new notifications will be read out automatically
·         Safety Assistance – in an emergency, emergency messages will be sent out
·         Battery Indicator – shows you what is using how much battery
·         Storage Indicator – so you can see which apps are clogging up your storage
·         Also features Flight Mode

Final Verdict
A really nice phone.  Samsung has done well here to offer a phone that has almost as much bang as the Samsung S4.  Loads of apps, widgets and features to keep you busy till the next models come out. 

Rating 4/5

You can find out more on their website:

Review by +Fred Felton 
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