Wednesday, February 29, 2012

East Coast Radio is making over its music, have you had your say?

Greetings dear Readers

East Coast Radio is making over its music, have you had your say?

Thousands of listeners have already completed the 10 Day Music Makeover questionnaire and East Coast Radio expects even more will have their say by the end of this week.

With a few days to go you can be a part of the 10 Day Music Makeover by completing the five minute online questionnaire at stand a chance of winning R1000. There have also been field makeover teams out and about helping you complete the questionnaire (see pictures attached).

The 10 Day Music Makeover gauges your views on a range of things. These include your favourite songs, what music you’d like to hear more of and what time you usually tune in. East Coast Radio’s Programming Manager Naveen Singh says, “People often want to tell us when they think we’re getting it right or wrong and don’t know how to. This is your opportunity to make us more in tune with you, the listener.”

So what happens after the 10 days? As with all makeovers, there will obviously be a big reveal! Tune in on 12 March 2012 to find out how you’ve helped make your favourite radio station even better.

Call For Applications For Extended Catalina UNLTD Mentorship Programme 
with support from the National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund

In 2008 the Catalina Theatre introduced a theatre venue management 
  • and a theatre company management mentorship programme. 
  • This was introduced to begin to address the serious shortage of skilled management in the region.

The mentorship programme is structured and covers all important areas of management training including:


In a rotational system the interns will be exposed to each section of the training 
for two months per section making up their full year of internship. 
The interns will be paid a salary per month while they are being trained. 
The training would be conducted partly by the KEEP THE DREAM permanent staff 
and a series of ad hoc professionals engaged to conduct parts of the training.  
The interns would also be deployed throughout the rural areas during their 
training to assist in the KEEP THE DREAM 144 greater development goals in the country.

KEEP THE DREAM 144 t/a Catalina UnLtd will strive to assist every intern 
with a clear career path enabling each intern to either access more training or enter the workplace.

The Mentorship will run for one full year from April 2012 to March 2013 on a full time basis. 
Interested applicants need to send through a one page CV and one page letter of Motivation 
as to why they would like to be part of the programme. 
This needs to be submitted on or before the 9th March 2012.

A short list of applications will then go through a brief interview 
process, which will happen on Monday the 12th March 2012, so please keep this day free when applying. 
Successful applicants will begin on the 1st of April 2012.

For more information and to submit applications contact:

Catalina UnLtd
Tel: 031 305 6889
Fax: 031 305 6866

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Interviews with Famous Musicians and a Review of the 80sRewindFestival

Greetings Dear Readers

Last week I was invited to cover the 80s Rewind Festival that was held at Kings Park.
I attended the media session first and met some of the artists and asked them some questions.

                                                                 80s Rewind Festival

The Village People

I asked Felipe Rose what advice he had for upcoming musicians?

'Plan for the future, Meet lots of people, Tour the world if you can.
Build up a good reputation.  Look after your money.  Run it like a business.'

I asked the other members of the Village People what advice they had
for young musicians?

' Hang around musicians, if you are prepared you will get selected.  Stick with it.
  It's a full time job, you have to love it.  Do gigs for free.  Don't be afraid
  to write your own music.'

What was the wildest gig you guys played?

' A grandma took off her bra and threw it on stage.'

' A woman went into labour at one of our concerts. '

Next up was Leee John.

What advice did he have for artists?

' You have to be in the zone.   It's about the audience.  Every show is your last show.'

Tony Hadley

At present he is working on a new album.  He believes you have to be determined to succeed.
It takes a long time.  'Work hard if you want to succeed.'

I also bumped into Rick Astley and he was telling me his Radio Show on Magic FM
from 2 - 4 now has a huge listernership.  It has some great guests and he loves it.

Nik Kershaw believes you have to go for it if you want to succeed and have fun.
He also has a new album out in Summer.

A Review of the 80s Rewind Festival Concert At Kings Park 25 Feb 2012

Durban set up a beautiful sunny day for the concert.
First up was Leee John


He had the audience eating out of his hands with his wonderful songs and
all the hits were there including Flashback and Illusion.  He still has it all
and has all the moves.   He can do the slow songs and knows how to work the crowd
into a frenzy.  A consumate professional.  His performance was polished
and he has some wonderful dance skills.

As the crowds streamed in I noticed how many people dressed up in their
best 80's gear.  It was wonderful to see.

Nik Kershaw was next.  The Electric Guitar maestro amazed the crowd with his
wonderful songs.


In between all of this I managed to meet Martin Fry from ABC and I asked
him some question

                                                  @fredfelton and Martin Fry from ABC

Advice for young artists?

Become a singer

What is your impression of Durban?

Well it's a new place, Durban is like New York.

Advice for songwriters?

Beat your own drum.

He told me he has just come from the Rio Carnival and he is off to Stuttgart after this.

At present he is working on a new album.

Go West were simply brilliant.  This duo just keep on delivering.

                                                                     Go West

Watching Howard Jones perform is a treat.

                                                                    Howard Jones

The mix of synth and drums works wonders.  He had the audience eating out of his hands.
He truly is one of the Kings of the synthesizer.  He even managed to integrate
'South Africa' into a song.  Brilliant.

After that we had the immaculately dressed Marc Almond.

                                                                 Marc Almond

He blew the crowd away.  'Durban what a beautiful place' His words not mine.
He performed all his classics and he performed them to rapture.

When he performed 'Tainted Love' the crowd went mad.  I have no words.
You had to be there.

As the light faded and we moved into the night the concert took on a new ambience.

Social Media was also alive with the concert with Tweeps Tweeting all about the concert
and there were quite a few hashtags floating around including #80srewindfest
Search for it on Twitter to get a different experience of the concert from Tweeps.

Midge Ure was next and it really was good to see this musician play all his classics.

                                                                        Midge Ure

The Crowd Went wild when the Village People took to the stage.
They blew the house down, people surged forward to watch them perform their classics.

                                                            The Village People

You could hear every single word from the artists and from the crowd.
They even brought out SA Flags for 'In The Navy'

The Village People are well aware of social media and even took pics live on stage
and shared it on their Facebook page.  A valuable lesson for all musicians out there.

Oh yes they did perform YMCA.  Once again you had to be there.
Simply astounding.

You can join their Facebook page to find out more -

Go on and Like their page.  I did.

Martin Fry from ABC was wonderful.  He too is the consumate professional.
The smart outfit just makes it a class act.  He really can belt out hit after hit.

                                                                  Martin Fry

Tony Hadley from Spandau Ballet came on next to a huge applause.

                                                                   Tony Hadley

He still has it.  He managed to drive the crowd wild.  A really classy act.
Hit after hit after hit.  An amazing performer to watch live.

Next up was the man himself Rick Astley.


Now this was the cherry on the top.  What a polished performer.  He really knows how to
work a crowd into a frenzy.  Hit after hit and as he performed each one the crowd went
wilder and wilder.  Towards the end he even put on a Sharks Rugby Jersey.
Like I said he is a smart man.   Full of jokes as well a wonderful artist.
He finished off with Never Gonna Give You Up to a huge roar from the crowd and
a fitting end to a wonderful concert for Durban.

With Thanks To

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Robin Auld and Ant Cawthorn-Blazeby coming to St Clements

Robin Auld and Ant Cawthorn-Blazeby performing in Durban.

Robin Auld and Ant Cawthorn-Blazeby will be performing at St Clements in Musgrave on Fri 24th Feb. The seeds of this collaboration were sown at the Grahamstown festival in 2003, when musicians would come to the Taphuis to jam informally after their respective shows were finished. Never having met before, Robin and Anton connected musically in an improvised performance that blew the roof off.  Doing some shows together has been a long time in coming as they have been following their respective paths, but the idea has always been there waiting for the right moment and Durban’s music lovers are in for a real treat!

Slide guitar, harmonica, African blues guitar styling and soul vocals all feature in the fresh rootspop sound of Robin Auld. Well known to South Africans from his hits such as “Baby you been good”, “All of woman”, “Love Kills” “Zen Surfing”  and many others,  Robin’s  music has evolved from the pop sound of his earlier recordings into a contemporary mix of blues and roots. 

Currently based in the UK, he has performed and recorded in New York, London, Glasgow and Nashville, opening for and performing with acts such as Lloyd Cole, Angelique Kidjo, Michelle Shocked and Seasick Steve.

A classically trained violinist who has absorbed the influences of Celtic, blues and  roots music, Anton Cawthorn-Blazeby is one of SA’s most respected  musicians. Well known for his work with SAMA nominated instrumentalists Landscape Prayers, which he formed with Nibs van der Spuy, he has also worked with many of SA’s top artists such Steve Newman, Steve Fataar, Guy Buttery, Greg Georgiades and Squeal.

The mix of Celtic and African influences in both artists results in a musical language of vibrant and unique improvisation…an evening of entertainment that will enthuse and uplift!  Tickets are R80, starting at 7h30pm. Booking is ESSENTIAL!  For St Clements please call 031 202 2511 .

Don't forget the 80's Rewind Festival on Saturday, presented by East Coast Radio bookings at computicket

Friday, February 17, 2012

Wonderful show coming up & #Extras needed & #Writers competition

Next week at St Clements on Monday at 7pm they have Giselle Turner
performing at Mondays At Seven.

Theatre practitioner and arts journalist Gisele Turner
offers a mixed bag of writings and musings
which include poetry, travel articles, short stories, children’s stories
and an excerpt from her latest play In Limbo

Join them at St Clements Coffee Shop, Musgrave Road, 7pm.
Promises to be a wonderful evening.

This one is via Publicity Matters - Extras Needed

Ever wanted to be an extra in a movie and see yourself on the big screen??
An indie movie is being shot in Durban and the producers are in need of extras.
There is no pay being offered – but a guaranteed interesting experience….

They are looking for featured extras (who will be paid)
1)      Black 40 years - To play a Beggar.
2)      White Boy 19 to 23 - To play a student
3)      10Years – white girl with ballerina attire

For more info – contact Pranesh on

Mondays St Clements Short Story Competition
100 words exactly.

the rules

  • 100 words exactly no more no less (excluding title)
  • entries by email to
  • state author's name and wordcount
  • use large font eg Times New Roman 14pt
  • The winner gets a box of Wildekrans Estate Wine
  • closing date Monday 28 May, 2012
  • all stories will be read on Monday 28 June at St Clements followed by a presentation

Don't forget to book for the #IPW Writing Workshops coming up 3 March, St Clements, Durban.
I hear there are special prices available.
Bookings at

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Competitions, Theatre and Book Reviews in this issue

Even superheroes are trying to Beat the Bank!

This week two superheroes - or at least people who thought they would attempt to be - tried to break into the Beat the Bank vaults at East Coast Radio.

‘Superman’ and ‘Batman’ even went as far as abseiling down the side of the station’s building, on Umhlanga Rocks Drive, to see which vaults would be full of cash and which would trigger the alarm. As they learnt the hard way, the only way to actually get into the vaults is over the phone!

The best way to win in Beat the Bank is to listen out to East Coast Radio for the signal to call in. The lucky listener on line seven then has the chance to open as many bank vaults as they like and take all the cash in each one as they go. But they’d better be warned, some vaults trigger an alarm which will leave the player empty handed.

Beat the Bank Beat the Bank wraps up on 24 February, so make sure you tune in for the signal to call and play in the next two weeks!

Boesman & Lena is coming to the Catalina 

Athol Fugard’s classic story of two coloured people trapped in a struggle for freedom and dignity set during apartheid South Africa, to be staged at the Catalina theatre, Wilsons Wharf for a season designed primarily as a study aid to high school learners, from the 27 February – 16 March 2012.

Directed by Daisy Spencer and starring Rory Booth and Caitlan Kilburn in the title roles, with Mthokozisi Zulu as "Outa", this production takes place in the course of a single evening, following Boesman and Lena’s story as they journey across the mudflats of the Swartkops River near Port Elizabeth, carrying all their belongings, as they have been uprooted from their home which has been bulldozed by the white authorities in order to drive them and other blacks and coloureds in the segregated settlement further away from their white neighbours.

Fugard described an encounter he had that influenced the creation of Boesman and Lena: on a hot August day in 1965, Fugard and two friends were driving along a rural road when they saw an old woman trudging along with all of her worldly possessions tied up in a bundle on her head. They stopped and offered her a ride. She cried at their unexpected kindness, and during the fifteen-mile trip to a farm up the road, she told them about the death of her husband three days earlier and her nine missing children. If Fugard and his companions hadn't stopped to offer her a ride, she would have followed her plan to sleep in a stormwater drain that night and continue her long journey the next day.

Boesman and Lena premiered in Grahamstown at the Rhodes University Little Theatre in 1969 with Fugard himself in the role of Boesman and Yvonne Bryceland as Lena. Glyn Day, a white actor, played the part of Outa in blackface. When the curtain rang down at the end of the play there was a moment of silence and then followed round after round of applause from the distinguished first-night audience. The cast took eight curtain calls.

Daisy Spencer says this about the current production: “If you have ever had the fortune of meeting a coloured person, I’m sure you will agree that we are a very special, amusing and interesting race. Yet as unique as we are, we are constantly conflicted by our lack of a sense of belonging. We metamorphosise into whomever we need to be to entertain the people we are surrounded by, which often leaves us unsure of who we really are. Yes, race is one of the themes Boesman and Lenahighlights, but far beyond this, Athol Fugard presents two people whose pain and suffering is as stark as their surroundings, made worse by man's cruelty to man - the secret pain we all inflict upon each other in our closest relationships. It is a struggle to find the strength it takes to break free from what holds one back from finding out who one really is, and more importantly, what one's value is”.
DATES:                              27 February – 16 March 2012
TIMES:                                School Groups: 11am Weekdays
Public Performance:          Fri and Sat: 8pm, Sun: 6pm (Two Weekends Only)
PRICE:                                Schools: R45 (One teacher free for every 10 scholars)
                                             Public: R 75 (Pensioners R60)
BOOKINGS:               or the 031 305 6889

Book Reviews

The Tree Whisperer by Pieter Scholtz

A wonderful tale set in a magical forest.  It's all about a man who discovers a wonderful
creature in this forest and together they have a wonderful adventure in the forest
and all over the North Coast of South Africa.  

Really easy to read and a enjoyable read.

Rating 4/5 

The Tree Whisperer is available at Adams Bookshop at Musgrave Centre, Durban.

Living with Haiku - by Pieter Scholtz and Andrew Verster

This book features some wonderful Haiku (Japanese poetry form)  written by
Pieter Scholtz together with some amazing drawings by world famous artist
Andrew Verster.  There is so much detail in the Haiku's and the Drawings.

Well worth the read.

Rating 4/5

Living with Haiku is available at Adams Bookshop at Musgrave Centre, Durban.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

An exclusive interview with @rickastley ahead of his show in South Africa and more

This week we have an exclusive interview with that famous music artist
Rick Astley

We asked him some questions ahead of his performance in South Africa soon.

1. What Advice Do You Have for Upcoming Artists? 

    Have people around you who you trust.

2. What have you been up to?

     Doing lots of shows, which I really enjoy, also I host a Radio show on 'Magic'

3.  What is your next project?  

      I'm still undecided but will be recording some new music, even if it's for my own pleasure.

4.  What are your impressions of South Africa?

      I have never been to South Africa but I am really looking forward to this trip.

5.  What do you do to relax?

     I walk around Richmond Park and I like Skiing.

You can also find him on Twitter - @rickastley

Dance your way down memory lane.

Remember acid wash jeans, the Walkman, shoulder pads, lace up gloves, Madonna bangles? Well, this February you will get a chance to relive those larger than life moments!

East Coast Radio, M-Net and Shout Media are bringing ten of the world’s top 80’s bands out to South Africa for one night only for the 80’s Rewind Festival. On 25 February 2012 Durban’s Mr Price Kings Park Stadium will play host to the biggest outdoor line-up of 80’s recording artists and performers ever seen in South Africa. Fans from across the country are expected to travel to experience this once-off 80’s extravaganza.

Originally launched in the UK in 2009, the festival was a massive success and has since been touring the world. South Africans will be treated to one of the most rocking line-ups in the festivals history.

-        Tony Hadley from Spandau Ballet
-        Howard Jones
-        Rick Astley
-        Marc Almond - Soft Cell
-        Midge Ure from Ultravox
-        ABC – Martin Fry
-        Nik Kershaw
-        Go West
-        The Village People
-        Imagination – Leee John
Tickets start from R250 and are on sale at Computicket now. But listen out during The Workzone every Wednesday for your chance to win four tickets. Between 9am and 3pm on Rewind Wednesdays DJs will play back to back 80’s songs and ask listeners to SMS to stand a chance of winning tickets.

Don’t miss this nostalgic, iconic and sensational night!

East Coast Radio personalities set to make a splash at Midmar Mile.

Two East Coast Radio DJ’s and a number of other station personalities, nine staff members in total, will be taking up the challenge of the weekend’s Midmar Mile. Breakfast Stack presenter Darren Maule and popular weekday evening DJ Abi Ray will both be swimming Midmar on Saturday, 11 February.  

Darren, who is also MC for the massive swim, has bravely decided that it is only fair for him to also take part and join the thousands of swimmers. Abi Ray has competed in the event several times before and is sure that this will be one of her best swim yet. Abi says, “I decided to swim because the last time I was training for Midmar, in 2008, I fell and broke my back. So I wanted to do it again and this time I have been training with Durban coach Jean Nortje.”

Another on-air personality that will be taking to the water is Drive Time newsreader Judith Subban. She says, “Abi approached me saying it’d be a really Funsunzi thing to do, and it’s just snowballed from there, with lots of people showing interest.”

East Coast Radio has two teams entered into Saturday’s company relay race. Even the station’s CEO Trish Taylor will be swimming. Other staff members who will be making up the station’s teams are Michael Zuma, Erin Crous, Shaun Ryan, Hannah Keal and Chantal Hoswe. We wish them all the best!

Business News

Just heard about a wonderful business breakfast worth attending.

Sharpen your business acumen.

This March, East Coast Radio is giving you the opportunity to propel your business to the next level with the Gordon Institute of Business Science Executive Breakfast. On Thursday 1 March, some of the greatest business minds in the country will converge on Durban for a morning of results driven leadership.  

Among the world class speakers at the Executive Business is Nick Binedell who has for the past 20 years focused his career on business education. Nick is the Founding Director of the Gordon Institute of Business Science in Johannesburg.  

Keynote speaker, adventurer Hein Wagner will be another great source of inspiration. Although he was born blind he hasn’t allowed his disability to stop him from achieving in business and life. Hein is often referred to as "a blind man with exceptional vision".

Other remarkable guest speakers include; CEO of Incredible Connection David Miller, Group CEO of Ithala Bank Yvonne Zwane, CEO of Derivco Dion Hatton and Nicola Tyler CEO of Business Results Group.

The GIBS Executive Business Breakfast is the only event of its kind in the province which brings the cream of South Africa’s business people together in one room. There are limited seats available for the event at the Southern Sun Elangeni, so be sure to book your tickets through Computicket.  Tickets are R500 per person or R4750 per table of ten people.

Film Review

Margin Call - Showing at Ster Kinekor Cinema Nouveau Gateway

Cast - Kevin Spacey, Paul Bettany, Jeremy Irons, Zahary Quinto, Simon Baker, Stanley Tucci
           and Demi Moore
Written and Directed by J.C. Chandor

A wonderful film with a great script and take a look at that cast.  You will have to go far
to find such wonderful talent all in one movie.

It revolves around a financial company that discovers a big problem coming up.
A big crisis is coming for the company.  Can they handle it?

Look out for some brilliant acting from everyone and wonderful writing.

Rating 5/5 

                                                         Watch The Trailer

Friday, February 3, 2012

A Book Launch and a Writing Workshop coming up for #Writers and Book Lovers #IPW

A Book Launch Worth Going To.



Pieter Scholtz and Andrew Verster have joined forces
to publish a book of poetry and drawings.
Haiga is an art form where painting is combined with haiku.
The collection includes 25 haiku by Pieter Scholtz
and 25 drawings by Andrew Verster.

‘The drawings were not created to illustrate the haiku.
I selected the drawings after considering many wonderful drawings
that Andrew made available to me. Some of the drawings lend a new perspective
to the haiku, while others reinforce the thoughts or emotions contained in them.
They provide a visual counterpoint to the poems.’
                                                                                    Pieter Scholtz

‘The drawings are not illustrations of the haiku.
They live alongside them and have their own life.
It is for the reader to make connections – or not.’
                                                                                    Andrew Verster


Andy Dillon (guitar) and Tiffany (vocals) will make music.
Pieter Scholtz and Andrew Verster will discuss the haiga (haiku + drawings).
They will both be available thereafter to answer questions and sign copies.

St Clements Coffee Shop, Musgrave Road, Monday 6 Feb at 7pm.

For more details visit there Facebook Page  - St Clements Mondays At Seven

You can also follow them on Twitter - @mondaystclement

News Of A Writer's Workshop #IPW

Coming up 3 March is the Independent Publishing Workshop which features
Ramon Thomas - @ramonthomas
Robin Jackson - @robin76
Fred Felton  - @fredfelton

They will be talking on Self-Publishing, Social Media Marketing For Authors and Publishers
and so much more.

Who should attend?

Book Lovers
People wanting to learn about Social Media and Marketing.

Where - St Clements Coffee Shop, Musgrave Road
When - Saturday 3 March at 8h30am for 9am.
It includes a light breakfast and goodie bag.

For more details email Fred on

Or Tweet him on Twitter - @fredfelton 

or visit their Facebook Page - Independent Publishing and Writing Society

When you come to the workshop feel free to Tweet about it and use the hashtag #IPW 

Feel free to tell all our writing and publishing friends about it.