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Read what Timothy Sparks had to say about The Oscars

In the Wings: A view of the Oscars
The Oscars night was very interesting especially because of Daniel Day-Lewis’ acceptance speech. Like his Father before him, Day-Lewis has a way with words: “A frost came in the night and stole my world and left his changeling for it- a precocious! Image of Spring too brilliant to be true,” (‘Hard Frost’- Cecil Day-Lewis). Day-Lewis’ son whose audacious career includes ‘Room with A view’, ‘Gangs of New York’, ‘Age of Innocence’ and the telling film ‘My Left Foot’ makes one fall in love with cinema and is probably the greatest actor in the English-speaking world.
The French film ‘Amour’ won the Best Foreign Film but did not win the popular envelope in spite of a strong story, and a sensitive depiction of the mental and emotional disintegration of an old couple in their twilight years. The film was forgotten before it was made, because real film art animates rather than smelling of burnt popcorn.  The glaciers of well-meaning nonsense passing as Art is wonderfully clear if you bear in mind all is a mirage. Escapism is always the main reason people go to films, as the saying goes. Disputing this attitude, a large dose of realism was served up in Los Angeles last night.
The usual suspects have won this year. A film without alterior motives is hard to find these days with ‘Amour’ being the only possible exception. Much as I love seeing the son of the Thirties’ poet, Cecil Day-Lewis receiving his Oscar for playing the role of President Abraham Lincoln I fear some torn pieces of paper will remain trapped forever at the bottom of the Arno River. Last year a modern Silent Movie was given the prize, but all lips are sealed in this one. What broke the camel’s back was not a cigarette, although there were some smoky passages in this desert-bound voyage in search of the oasis.
Inevitably, I cast my mind back to a night in the Durban International Film Festival last year, to an evening when I viewed the film ‘Amour’: one of the films nominated for this years Oscar Awards. The sweep of ceremony and platitudes that gives the Oscars its punch is in strong evidence. Nonetheless, worshipping the deity of high Cinema every year; in the first months of the year, burning incense in the footlights but also the altar, is really like playing charades with the lights off.
Having not seen Lincoln as yet I must say it is not the fault of Mark Twain. I would readily sell a horse for tickets if I could find one, in lieu of admission; but increasingly Spielberg’s films betray a formula that is working for him but not for most cinema aficionados. A frightening spectacle it is, or spectre of having one’s cataracts removed whilst watching, thus transferring one’s eyeballs to the liquids that water the brain, but not dimming the whiff of the burning of said, (latter) ornament. I had an odd feeling of de jevu while watching this sad species of cant rising from the left corner of the pantomime. Thinking there might be a few assassins lurking in the theatre, I watched the prizes change hands- several times, before landing, unexpectedly in the hands of the bearded face borne by the dapper Ben Affleck whose finest role, to date, was playing a bit part in the almost forgotten film, ‘Shakespeare in Love’ shown in South Africa in the late Nineteen-nineties.
A wonderful start to a career is now forever linked to the obscurely named movie ‘Argo’. Seemingly Mr. Affleck was not thinking of  Evelyn Waugh’s  ‘Brideshead Revisited’. Part One’s diction Et in Arcadio Ego (loosely translates as: “I too lived in Arcadia”) but is really an acronym for aggression. Aggression and its many forms violence takes on a very stylised form in ‘Skyfall’   though in ‘Lincoln’ and ‘Argo’ the directors reach for an high emotionalism that trumpets reason, but mesmerises the judges at the Oscars .
The South is aggressive and hate negroes, but the wonderful North with nothing to lose, except shares and factories  wears a fetching Dark Blue uniform that catches the eyes of the ladies. These heroes never disappoint but with faces hard as flint and as pure as mother of pearl earrings, these new-born titans seldom falter. Such is sham philosophy; and heavy is the yoke.
Uncle Lincoln’s calm purge of the South, sorting out the native problem has swept up all comers: fine acting on the part of Day Lewis, ignores the gentlemanly boos from the wings of Confederate soldiers who have tried to avoid the bathtub habits of the industrial North. We see little of the pain and duskiness of History, but a version found on the dirty hanky of a go-between ruffed up by studios wanting only one angle.
The actors pipe their tune, but the internal motivations are lost as Hollywood must entertain with showiness. ‘The Conspirator’ directed by Redford, about President Lincolns assassination is a recent film which is a triumph of characters driven by the action, not the actors driven by some vague political dogma trumped by preachy overstatement.
On the evening of the Oscars, every film is severely (superciliously!?) reviewed by all the actors, in slow motion; calculated with best grins being delivered for ‘Argo’. Seriousness is allowed in moderation because earnest effort means the film is “Art,” chiefly, and finally according to the quantity of the actors who film the actors filled with this seriousness. On the list, sadly, are few films that can lay claim to greatness.
Some reviewers suspect; probably correctly, that ‘Argo’ was made to fill the quota for numbers needed to join the Army in their Overseas Wars in the Middle East. A very interesting movie might have been made of Wilson’s Fourteen Points, but Marshalling such a plan would mean the focus might fall on some atoms of substance. A working title might be ’Hiroshima was a Point to Far’ with President Woodrow Wilson playing a latter-day Strangelove, destroying empires in his wake.
Explosions are often unpredictable but last nights’ “ode to excitement” was aimed at those people who love their stories with Histrionic links. I almost said hysteria. Yet that might be stating the point too much. I reach for my Charles Dickens in moments like these, where one is chained to Jacob Marley’s figurative chains, trapped in purgatory, or drowning in Hollywood’s vision of infernos and tragedies.
A reviewer in The Independent spoke wonderfully about acting on this stage. We are a step nearer oblivion, the chasm between taste on one hand and expectation on the other. At these Oscars I shall call Daniel Day Lewis’ image to mind. A man of substance as the reviewer writes that is the epogee of talent- “they don’t believe in fame, the religion of our era.” (The Mercury, 27 February 2013)

Article by Timothy Sparks

Timothy Sparks is a freelance writer based in Durban

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Monday, February 25, 2013

Read about the GIBS Executive Breakfast, St Clements and a Little Girl who needs your help

Almost time for the 5th GIBS Executive Breakfast

The Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS), East Coast Radio and Trade and Investment, KwaZulu-Natal (TIKZN), have banded together to produce what is quickly becoming one of the most sought after business breakfasts in the province.

Durban’s business fraternity will once again have access to high profile speakers, like the CEO’s of Transnet and the Business Results Group, at this year’s GIBS Executive Breakfast in March.

Already a popular calendar event within the Durban business community, the annual breakfast boasts some of the most successful business-minded people all under one roof. “We are excited about the theme this year, ‘Leading with Impact’ which will prove to be a beneficial tool for all business men and women. In this current economic climate every business big or small could benefit from our hand picked speakers wealth of knowledge. Each speaker will share their invaluable knowledge on business growth and leadership skills.” said Trish Taylor, General Manager of East Coast Radio.

With a number of guest speakers from numerous business fields who will give tips and strategies on how to better manage your business, there should be something for all business owners.

Nicola Tyler, CEO of Business Results Group, who is known for her highly acclaimed strategic planning and thinking workshops, will host the event.

Dean of GIBS, Professor Nick Binedell whose area of expertise lies in the field of business strategy, will share his knowledge on Strategic Leadership. Although his academic and consulting work is predominantly in South Africa, it does include work in the United States, Europe and Australia.

Transnet CEO, Brian Molefe, will open the presentations with his highly anticipated speech on Leading with Impact. Molefe has received several awards for his role in the economy, particularly in the advancement of black participation.
Bringing a strong international strategy presentation to the program is Norman Chorn, academic, practitioner and visiting faculty member from GIBS. Chorn will demonstrate how Durban business owners can plan the future of their business through designing innovative organizations. He will also show them how to incorporate strong and positive leadership styles for sustainable growth of their business.

Motivational speaker, Buhle Dlamini, will rally Breakfast goers into action by proving that anything is possible. Born and raised in the rural KZN village of Hlabisa, Dlamini has risen above and beaten the odds to become one of the top South Africans in People and Social Development today by proving himself in the youth development field, business, public speaking, media and social entrepreneurship.

Date: Thursday, 7 March 2013
Time: 07:30am – 11:30am
Venue: ICC Durban
Price: R500 per person or R4750 per table of 10

Visit for more information or book your tickets through Computicket.

(Source East Coast Radio)

Music and More at St Clements

A NIGHT OF STORYTELLING: With Matt Vend and Hezron Chetty (The Accidentals)
Date: Friday the 1st of March, 7pm
Venue: St Clements, Musgrave Road, Durban.
Entry: R30 per head, book a table on: 031 202 25 11, for other information contact Matt on 0769483274, or
Matt Vend has been travelling extensively over the last few years and he has managed to document many of his adventures. On this particular night Matt will be sharing some of his stories and also playing many of his original songs with Hezron Chetty, an amazing violinist. Together they go by the name of The Accidentals, and have a great repertoire of original music to get your feet moving. This is going to be a night of great stories and great music. Space is limited so book a table on 031 202 25 11.  The venue is quaintly located on Musgrave Road, next to St Thomas church, which is surrounded by trees and presents itself as a natural oasis in the busy suburban area.

(Source - St Clements)

Can you help?

If you feel you can help out a young girl in need. She is in desperate need of an operation.
If you can help in any way or know of someone who can assist please visit the website

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Friday, February 22, 2013

Anna Karenina Film Review and Auditions

Film Review - Anna Karenina

Balance undermined by weak portrayal of Tolstoy’s heroine.   

The new ‘Anna Karenina’ is a film of two parts. Karenina is neither the great film we desire, nor the mediocre one that captures our attention for the entire duration. A painstaking effort has been made, polishing the screen with an interior shimmer or gloss. We are shown into a theatre where so much of the intrigue becomes apparent. In the early stages, the film moves very smoothly. The adroit and suave Prince Stepan Arkadyvich Oblonsky appears all at once, he sincerely regrets his adultery with his French nurse. A searching depiction of nineteenth century Russia creates a bright start for what promised to be an interesting film. Everything is chandeliers, an elaborate world of dazzling effects.

Outwardly we have a setting that is enticing, with a set a fabulous characters but the external show is less than the sum of its parts. This ‘Anna Karenina’ has passion but lacks an inner heart. Keira Knightley is the main reason for this shallowness: however that is also a flaw with most of her films. Brilliant acting is found in the other actors in abundance, especially Jude Law as Karenin. Solid character acting is one the strengths of this film, pitting the picture-perfect glisten of polite society against the foibles of love. Indeed, it is wonderful how the director has created this style; the depiction of surfaces and well constructed artifices.

Ultimately, this is also the downfall of the film. At times, scenes begin and end, since, simultaneously one is drawn to the stories told by these characters but then repelled by the part played by Keira Knightley. In this film Keira Knightley takes centre stage; but she cannot hold the attention. She does not attain the candour and sensitivity required from a great tragic heroine, namely a mixture of caprice, and wonder in midst of great emotional turmoil. Knightley verges too often on the cusp of hysteria (but is emotional without a deepened sense of those feelings) remote from salvation, or sympathy. Nor do we enter the soul of this complex Tolstoy character.

That would then amount to great acting, something this Anna Karenina lacks to fly upwards upon the wings of vanity. One should feel more compassion for the fatal death of Karenina and the price of passion. Instead the film induces coldness and beauty is not enough. With these problems despite sensitively acted cameos, these unfortunately dissolve heedlessly, into the background, as Keira Knightley’s mannequin comes into painful relief. Vronsky played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson is interesting without the sinister aspects of Vronsky’s moral make-up. The interplay between Karenin (Jude Law) and Karenina should be the pivot of the film.

There is some wonderful ensemble acting that is very finely done, especially in the acting by Kelly Macdonald (the French Nurse), and the death scene and its prelude in the beginning of the film. Essentially we are presented with the predicament of adultery and the complicated emotions and the primitive depths of the heart; without, and within the civilised world. Life and death and human frailty are present and carried by Jude Law’s subtle portrayal of the nobility of spirit that carry on despite contrary sentiments. Moments of genuine emotion, passionate sacrifice and the heroine’s vapidity are so monochrome and lifeless for the viewer to claim them. The film is suspended mid-air, waiting for oxygen to fill the lungs of the Russian women whose life deserves flesh and blood. Inevitably Anna Karenina’s death, almost an afterthought here, does not allow for sympathy, yet belies this tragic waste of a possible masterpiece. Anna remains a chimera as light as dissipating smoke from a steam locomotive.

By Timothy Sparks


Final auditions for lead roles in local production ‘Botoo’ at The Playhouse Company on 27 February 2013.

The search is on for the male and female leads in the play "Botoo" to be staged by The Playhouse Company in August as part of the South African Women’s Arts Festival. The play, to mark the publication of the book, "SA Women of Indian Origin" by Dr Devi Rajab, is written and directed by Ronnie Govender.

- Gonum (central character) – Indian, female, late forties, medium build, slim, throaty, ready laugh, extrovert, politically conscious, preferably curly black hair. 

- Writer – Indian, male, mid-thirties, preferably full head of hair, confident, ready sense of humour, politically conscious. 

Dr Gonum was very prominent in the struggle against apartheid and was one of the foremost leaders of the Passive Resistance Movement but she was also known as a feisty, no nonsense person who bravely stood up for her rights as a woman at a time of great conservatism, especially within the Indian community. 

The auditions will take place at The Playhouse Company Head Office, 29 Acutt Street Durban, on Wednesday, 27 February 2013, from 13h00 in rehearsal studio A1. 

Each person auditioning must prepare a soliloquy no more than 2 minutes long. 

Please bring a biography and photograph to the audition. 

All persons wishing to audition must contact Zinhle Nala on 031 369 9460 / by 16h00 on Monday, 25 February 2013 to book an audition slot.

(Source - Pansa)

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Something Big Is Happening At @Wakaberry_1 Florida Rd This Saturday #Durban

Look out for the Pop-Up Shop at Wakaberry Floriday Road This Saturday.


Project Paper Planes is an organization which is all about promoting homegrown fashion. Their aim is to give designers a platform that allows them to profit from their work. Since the usual retail outlets usually buy in bulk and sell clothes at a huge mark up, this project is doing things a bit differently and will be selling garments at Wakaberry (Florida Road) this Saturday 10am -2pm!

Please join us and support the pop-up, bring the kids and family! The designers on showcase are:

  • Pastel Heart
  • 6th Ave
  • Dead Beat (Mason)
  • Stich'D and Dirty Funka
  • Mpilo Ka Love
  • Phat Love
We will also have Ubercool Events (DJ Night Vision) George Kretsos playing LIVE from the store and Red Bull will pull in with free cans.

The official event is on FB, check it out:

(Source - Wakaberry) 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Exclusive Interview with Dr Martyn Davies CEO of Frontier Advisory

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr Martyn Davies.
He is the CEO of Frontier Advisory.

The Frontier Advisory will be bringing their Africa Frontiers Forum to Durban next month
to discuss 'Insight Into Doing Business in Angola.'

                 Dr Martyn Davies

I asked him some questions:

What Is The Frontier Advisory and What is the Africa Frontiers Forum?

The Frontier Advisory is a research advisory, engaging in frontier and emerging markets.  We deal in market strategy, show companies ways to improve their chances of success.  We deal with Africa and Asia.

The Africa Frontiers Forum started 2 years ago.  It is a monthly seminar, we have talks about Africa.  We have them in Johannesburg 12 times a year at the JSE.  WE also have them in Durban and Cape Town.
Corporate sponsors include the JSE, TIKZN, Wesgro, Brand SA and MTN.   It is a forum on business topics relating to Africa.

What advice do you have for someone wanting to do business in Angola?

It is a difficult and challenging place to do business.  The State is heavily involved in the business world.
You should do due diligence.  Use a joint venture project.  Have a strategy plan on how to deal with the Government.

There is high risk and also high return.
South Africa is behind the curve in Angola.   President Zuma is trying to repair and build contacts in Angola.
It is time to catch up for South Africa.

What other African country impresses you at the moment, business wise?

Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana.

These countries are comfortable for SA capital.

Rwanda and Ethiopia impress me, they both have minimal corruption.
They are both progressive economies.

What was it like to lecture at Harvard?

It's great to balance life.  Step back and look at how you approach life.  I am invited to lecture often, this
takes you to different worlds, like the academic sector.

In business what do you think the Chinese do better than any other country?

They make decisions better than other countries.  The Chinese have invested heavily in Angola.
They are a great performer.  They have the ability to deploy capital.

I notice you are a keen cyclist.  Do you think South Africa is doing enough to protect cyclists on the road?

People are getting killed on our roads all the time.  Just recently I heard of another cyclist that was killed.
We all know the tragic case of Burry Stander.  There is a culture in this country of senselessness of SA drivers.  A lot more needs to be done.  This is not really a government problem, it's a cultural problem.
People need to rethink how they drive on the roads.

You have an event coming up in Durban on March 14th.  Tell us a bit about it and who should attend?

The Africa Frontiers Forum will be having an event in Durban and it is all about doing business in Angola.
KZN business needs to understand how to do business in key African economies.   We did a function recently in Umhlanga on doing business in Mozambique and over 100 people attended.
Hence we feel this event is important.   KZN has not had the advice about doing business in Angola.
We will be bringing speakers who have hands on experience and helping with advice on how to do business in

What advice do you have for young South African Entrepreneurs?

I gave a lecture recently and I mentioned this, as an entrepreneur you are launching a business in a economy with 40% unemployment.   We are similar to Portugal at the moment.  They are in crisis.
The challenge is it is very difficult unlike China with a 8% growth economy.  There is lots of opportunity there.  Ours is a 2% economy.   You need to have the confidence, have the finanacial skills, work hard, long hours, much harder than you would elsewhere.  The opportunities in Africa are immense.  Wide open markets.  There is not much competition.

Be aggressive on going after your business opportunities.

What book are you reading at the moment?

I have 3 books on the go

Red by Gary Neville

On China by Henry Kissinger

Why Nations Fail by Daron Acemoglu and James Robinson

The Africa Frontiers Forum Presents 
Leveraging Commercial Opportunities In Angola
Hilton Hotel, Durban 14th March.
To book visit their website:

(Picture courtesy of Frontier Advisory, Article by +Fred Felton)  

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Monday, February 18, 2013

News Around Durban, Art Competition, Events, Markets,

Art Competition

Absa L'Atelier Art Competition.
Deadline - Between 4th and 8th March 2013
Details -

(Source - Art South Africa)

NSBC Event For Durban

For all the details email

(Source - NSBC)

Markets Coming Up

(Source - Wonder Market)

(Source - I Heart Market)

Saturday, February 16, 2013

A New Film School For Durban - @AFDADURBAN

On Monday 11th of February 2013 I was invited to the official opening of AFDA Durban.
Mark that date.  It represents a symbolic date for Durban.  A new Film School for us.


The school is situated in the leafy suburb of Glen Anil.  It has taken some time to start this
Film School in Durban but finally it is here.


Franco Human is the Dean of the Durban Campus.

Richard Green is the Head of the film school.

Our own famous actor Rajesh Gopie is now head of live performance.
He has appeared on stage and screen and it is good to see him at this campus.

Janet van Eeeden is in charge of production courses and script-writing lectures.
She being the lady who used crowd-sourcing to fund her movie.
You can find her on Twitter - @janetvaneeden
You can find AFDA on Twitter here - @AFDADURBAN

Contact Details for AFDA Durban - Tel: 031-569-2252

(Story and Pictures by Fred Felton)

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Friday, February 15, 2013

Call for Fillmmakers and Film Critics and we have some poetry

Talent Campus is looking for Filmmakers and Film Critics

Talent Campus Durban is looking for 40 of the most innovative voices of African cinema to take part in the 6th edition of this leading networking and developmental event held at the 34th Durban International Film Festival.

Talent Campus Durban seeks to provide selected participants with an opportunity to meet with international industry professionals and experts in various aspects of the filmmaking business through participations in a 5-day programme of masterclasses, workshops and industry networking events. The continent of Africa is a source of a myriad narratives which offer possibilities to be re-imagined, re-told, overlapped and adapted within numerous contexts. Under this year’s theme of “Memetic Africa”, Talent Campus Durban calls for African filmmakers to participate in this programme and be inspired by stories shaped by varying innovative patterns, ideas, customs, traditions, practices and skills that enforce the legacy of the African film context.

Talent Campus Durban also calls for participants for Talent Press, a mentoring programme for three African film critics in collaboration with FIPRESCI and Goethe Institut, which makes a welcome return in its second year. Talent Press mentors will offer their expertise to guide selected participants in the art of film criticism with access to all the screenings of the 34th Durban International Film Festival. 

The five-day programme also includes the 3rd edition of Doc Station, where three selected documentary projects submitted by accepted talents will be finessed and packaged for presentation within the DOC Circle pitching forum at the 6th Durban FilmMart. Applications for Doc Station are open to selected participants for Talent Campus. Mohamed El Amine Hattou of Algeria was one of the three Doc Station participants in the 5th Talent Campus Durban who, after presenting his project at Doc Circle, also had the invaluable opportunity to meet one-on-one with potential investors. Describing his experience, Hattou says, “Doc Station is a great opportunity to gain in maturity, networking, and dive into a promiscuous and professional African market. After my pitch on Doc Station, I had some positive and interesting feedback on my project. It was also an easy way to know about new funding and co-production opportunities. Durban Talent Campus is a unique way for African filmmakers to connect, meet and share their stories.”

Held in co-operation with the Berlinale Talent Campus, and with support from the German Embassy of South Africa, Goethe Institut of South Africa, and the KwaZulu-Natal Department of Economic Development and Tourism, Talent Campus Durban runs from 19 to 23 July 2013. Apart from the main event in Berlin, Talent Campus partnerships also take place at selected festivals in Buenos Aires, Guadalajara, Tokyo and Sarajevo. Opportunities for participating talents are enhanced through Talent Campus networks and the Berlinale’s global information platform.

Application is open to filmmakers and critics who are resident in Africa. Applicants are encouraged to apply well before the deadline in order to submit their work samples timeously. Application can be done online on and applications close on 1 April 2013.

For DIFF and Talent Campus Queries 031 260 1650 / 2506

E-mail both: /

(Source - Pansa)

Some Poetry by Timothy Sparks


The tide met the doors of a dream
Shimmering with hope in the world.
At moments, grace like a tides’ stream
Mirrors this dance of her eyes unfurled
As the brave distance of life;
The movement of mirrors into the sea.
Outside the pace of life is dead,
Love brings mere continents together.

Laughter rings the wine
Dancing where music dims in the tongues,
Love wrecks in death’s supine
Sorrow, filling up these wild lungs.

Drink deep of the shores
Of glistened glasses charged in night
From heaven, still the doors
Are closed and lights passing with white
Shells close to the heart, lovely
Dressage across the grey of the deep.  

Timothy Sparks is a Poet and Writer based in Durban.

email - 

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Auditions around Durban and PMB

Auditions in Durban


Auditions in PMB

The Gay and Lesbian Network's recently founded Rainbow Theatre Group is looking for a team of diverse, young and dynamic performers to help dispel ignorance in and around the community through the medium of theatre.

Performers between the ages of 18 to 30 regardless of sexual orientation are invited to audition with any ONE or more of the following:

• Monologue
• Dance 
• Poetry
• Song
• Music

Saturday 23 February
Tembalethu Centre: 206 Burger Street Pietermaritzburg

To reserve an audition slot, email or call 0333426165
or visit the Gay and Lesbian Network offices at 187A Burger Street Pietermaritzburg

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Monday, February 11, 2013

Auditions & Valentines Events Around Durban


The Playhouse Company will hold auditions on 19 February 2013 from 10 am, for the production entitled "Si Right!" to be staged as part of The Playhouse Company Schools Programme.

Si Right! is about a teenage boy, Thuso, and his younger sister, Thandeka, who set out from their village on a quest to seek understanding.  It is a production with song and dance aimed at senior primary learners, with a strong focus on instilling positive behaviour in kids and inspiring them to make the right choices in life.

Aspirant performers should be of a professional standard, well experienced and must be able to act, sing and dance as well as have a good command of isiZulu and English.  All performers should be able to play variety characters.

The script is written by Gisele Turner and Mthandazo Mofokeng and will be directed by Zeph Nzama.


• Thuso: 15 year old boy (brother) - He is fit, slender and good looking.  He has a good nature and understands his responsibilities.
• Thandeka: 13 year old girl (sister) - She is a well-brought up girl, slender, attractive, with strong long legs and pretty features.

• Nkosi: The Chief of the Village - He is the Old Man of the Village, the authority. 
• Ma: The Wise Woman of the Village - She is the Old Woman of the Village, the Matriarch.    
• Maatla: The King’s Bodyguard - Strong, lithe, intelligent, kind and authoritative.   
• Mandla: The King’s Bodyguard - Strong, lithe, intelligent, kind and authoritative.   
• The King: body puppet 
• Eye: Giant Mask - Bouncy, Jamaican rhythm, reggae rhymer.  
• Ear: Giant Mask - American style rapper with isiZulu rapid-fire commentary. 
• Nose: Giant Mask - A Comedian with a little stand-up routine.   
• Tongue: Giant Mask - A movement piece with lots of sound effects. 
• Touch:  Two Giant Hands A rolling rhyming poem with lots of Hand Gestures.    
• Master-Mind: a gangster - Brash, shameless, manipulative, conniving, expansive, takes pleasure in seeing people fall prey to his Games.   
• Side-Kick: his sidekick - the Small Voice of Conscience: kind, forgiving, sensitive, caring and supportive; but frustrated as no one tykes his advice   
• The Guy: A charmer, who is quickly aroused, has no conscience and takes what he wants. 
• The Mugger: A strong, quick criminal who has lots of experience in the crime field.

Acting Audition: Prepare a short storytelling piece of not more than 2 minutes.
Musical Audition: Prepare one song/rap piece.

Si Right! will perform at various schools in Kwa-Zulu Natal on the Playhouse mobile stage during July & August 2013. 

Auditions will take place at The Playhouse Company - Room A1 on the 19th of February 2013.
Please call Tania Williams on 031 369 9467 between 9am and 4pm.  No more bookings will be accepted after 1pm on Monday, 18 February 2013.

(Source - Pansa)

Valentine's Day Events 

Frenchly Green ValentinesAlliance Française and Green Heart City present a romantic evening of French cinema, cuisine, live painting and music at Valentine’s.

The event kicks off at 6.30pm on Thursday 14 February with French love songs by Natalie Winter accompanied by Nicolas Creach on guitar. 

A definite treat is live painting by well-known artist Steve Mandy. Guests are invited to watch him paint green hearts with French flair onto a dress sported by a model. Mandy’s live painting is a popular feature at various fashion weeks in Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town.

A Deaf culture demo by Green Hearts will have guests making their partners swoon with ‘Will you be my Valentine?’ in sign language. 

Teenage artists Kianja and Arianna will grace the festivities with timeless tunes from ‘Autumn Leaves’. Arianna’s virtuoso guitar playing and Kianja’s arresting lead vocals have received outstanding revues.  Their brand of natural talent and charm merged with a special ‘je ne sais quoi’ is simply captivating. 

The Alliance Française lawn provides the ideal backdrop for Valentine’s open-air cinema starting 7.30pm. ‘Donkey Skin’ (French with English subtitles) by Jacques Demy is based on a fairy tale by Charles Perrault (of Cinderella fame). The bizarre story concerns the king (Jean Marais) of a strange, enchanted land. 

Guests have two options: Exquisite French picnic basket* + movie (R75); or popcorn + movie (R20). Vegetarian option available. Booking essential at 031 312 9582 or before Tuesday 12 February.

A cash bar will be available at Café Saint-Germain, Alliance Française’s new French corner.

Alliance Française de Durban is situated at 22 Sutton Crescent (Cnr Sutton Crescent & Lilian Ngoyi (Windermere) Road), Morningside. Visit

(Source - Pansa)

Valentine's Weekend at The Catalina Theatre

(Source - The Catalina Theatre)

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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Director and Production needed

Call for proposals for Director and Production
                  for the RAINBOW Young Performer’s
                  Musical Theatre Project 2013
PANSA (KZN) is calling for proposals for Director and Production of the 2013 RAINBOW Young Performers Project.
We are calling for production ideas and a director.  The selection of both production and director will be made based on the following criteria (Please read them carefully as failure to comply will result in immediate disqualification):

   a. It should be a production suitable to be played by a predominantly high school cast.  This means that there should be enough good roles    for young people to be able to extend themselves both musically and dramatically.
   b. The rights for the production should be available.
   c. The production should have some commercial potential.
   d. The production should have some theatrical value in the context of theatre in South Africa.
   e. The production should be able to be produced to the highest possible standard within a very tight budget.

   a. The Director should have a proven professional track record at the highest level.
   b. The Director should have proven experience in working with young people at the highest level.
   c. The Director should be fully available for the rehearsal period, which will last for at least three (3) months over consecutive weekends, and    a few weeks in the holidays.
   d. The Director should have a proven track record in Production Management, including managing the Set Design, Costume Design, Lighting    Design and Musical Direction.
   e. The Director should be cognoscente that the fees for directing are in keeping with a charity event, which in the case of this project is    approximately a third of the going rate for Musical Theatre.

Please note: the Director should be based in Kwa-Zulu Natal.  Any proposals from out of the province will not be considered.
A one page proposal, motivation, and CV should be emailed to Mandisa Tshiqi, PANSA KZN Co-ordinator, at 16:00 on Thursday 28 February, 2013.

Source - Pansa 

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Auditions For Female Singers

Venue:  The Catalina Theatre

They are looking for Female Vocalists.

Deathby:live events in association with McKibbin Productions and the Catalina Theatre are casting for sexy and confident female singers who can also dance.  This will be for a music-revue show at Catalina Theatre in April.

Requirements: Ages 18 -25, female, previous experience or training would be beneficial.

Auditions are Saturday, 9 February 2013 at the Catalina Theatre, Wilson’s Wharf, from 10-11am.  Please prepare one pop/rock song of your choice and a verse/chorus of Lady Gaga's Bad Romance.  Bring your own backing track on USB or CD.

Auditions are by appointment only so please contact Kerry-lee on 072 620 2047 or

(Source - Pansa) 

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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Info on the Indaba Networking Golf Day

Indaba will be hosting a networking golf day in May.

Here are all the details

Date: 10 May 2013 Save the date
Venue: Durban Country Club
Cost: R 980
Time: 11:00 am (shotgun start)
For more info visit our website:

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