Wednesday, February 29, 2012

East Coast Radio is making over its music, have you had your say?

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East Coast Radio is making over its music, have you had your say?

Thousands of listeners have already completed the 10 Day Music Makeover questionnaire and East Coast Radio expects even more will have their say by the end of this week.

With a few days to go you can be a part of the 10 Day Music Makeover by completing the five minute online questionnaire at stand a chance of winning R1000. There have also been field makeover teams out and about helping you complete the questionnaire (see pictures attached).

The 10 Day Music Makeover gauges your views on a range of things. These include your favourite songs, what music you’d like to hear more of and what time you usually tune in. East Coast Radio’s Programming Manager Naveen Singh says, “People often want to tell us when they think we’re getting it right or wrong and don’t know how to. This is your opportunity to make us more in tune with you, the listener.”

So what happens after the 10 days? As with all makeovers, there will obviously be a big reveal! Tune in on 12 March 2012 to find out how you’ve helped make your favourite radio station even better.

Call For Applications For Extended Catalina UNLTD Mentorship Programme 
with support from the National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund

In 2008 the Catalina Theatre introduced a theatre venue management 
  • and a theatre company management mentorship programme. 
  • This was introduced to begin to address the serious shortage of skilled management in the region.

The mentorship programme is structured and covers all important areas of management training including:


In a rotational system the interns will be exposed to each section of the training 
for two months per section making up their full year of internship. 
The interns will be paid a salary per month while they are being trained. 
The training would be conducted partly by the KEEP THE DREAM permanent staff 
and a series of ad hoc professionals engaged to conduct parts of the training.  
The interns would also be deployed throughout the rural areas during their 
training to assist in the KEEP THE DREAM 144 greater development goals in the country.

KEEP THE DREAM 144 t/a Catalina UnLtd will strive to assist every intern 
with a clear career path enabling each intern to either access more training or enter the workplace.

The Mentorship will run for one full year from April 2012 to March 2013 on a full time basis. 
Interested applicants need to send through a one page CV and one page letter of Motivation 
as to why they would like to be part of the programme. 
This needs to be submitted on or before the 9th March 2012.

A short list of applications will then go through a brief interview 
process, which will happen on Monday the 12th March 2012, so please keep this day free when applying. 
Successful applicants will begin on the 1st of April 2012.

For more information and to submit applications contact:

Catalina UnLtd
Tel: 031 305 6889
Fax: 031 305 6866

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