Monday, January 13, 2014

Umhlanga from Sunrise to Sunset

Sunrise - Dawn of the day. The best time to go for a fresh brisk walk with the family.

Beach – No matter what time of the day, everyone lathers on the sunscreen and soaks in the sun’s rays.

Coffee Shop – Nothing is better than the aromatic smells of coffee and freshly baked bread.

Architecture - Buildings of Umhlanga are very different in style as most of the new architecture such as the popular Pearls Hotel which compliments the Beverly Hill’s hotel which was built in the 60’s.

People - The atmosphere of Umhlanga Rocks is laid back and comfortable with a happy atmosphere. A true holiday, all year through destination.

Highlights- Visit the Oyster Box for a lavish high tea, The George at the Umhlanga Village for a nice pub lunch or Little Havana in the Granada Centre for a relaxed luncheon.

Stores – Granada Centre is close to all the hotels which makes it the perfect place to go for a quick bite to eat, some window shopping for a memorabilia at Art Africa or to Woolworths for some grocery shopping.   

Sunset – One of the many beautiful East Coast Sunsets. 

Article & Images by Lauren Immelman
(find her on twitter @LaurenImmelman) 

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