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Free Workshops for Actors, Writers, Producers and Directors at the Durban International Film Festival

A list of free workshops coming up at the
Durban International Film Festival (DIFF)

                                               (Image courtesy - @DIFFest )

These workshops are held at the Blue Waters Hotel, Durban Beachfront, Durban

Monday July 22

AIF: NFVF Sediba Script Development - The Journey from Idea to Screen
9am - 10am Venue: Pool Deck Room
Hear about the development process for funded projects awarded NFVF development funding.

Meet the Funders
9:30am - 11am Venue: Fontainbleau
This panel gives filmmakers a chance to engage with film funds at the festival.

NFVF Funding Panel
11:15am - 12h30pm   Venue: Fontainbleau
The Foundation engages with industry on funding.

Africa in Focus:   Request for Proposals
2pm - 3h30pm Venue: Pool Deck Room
A panel of film initiatives, commissioning editors and broadcasters seeking proposals from
industry.  Panelists include reps from e-tv, Arte, Francophone, African Eyes

Transmedia Spotting - How to identify, Structure and Promote your Transmedia Project
2pm - 3h30pm Venue: Fontainbleau
Ingrid Kopp, Director of Digital Initiatives at Tribeca Institute gives insight into what makes a suitable
transmedia project.

Window to the World - An Insight into World Trends
3h45pm - 5pm  Venue: Pool Deck Room
Rep's of film festivals' cinema funds and global organisations share insight into global trends in
film production, funding and co-production.

Africa in Focus: Back to basics with Howard Thomas - Getting to a workable budget
4pm - 5pm  Venue:  Fontainbleau

Tue July 23

Critics Panel:  Redefining the Genre
9am - 11am  Venue:  Pool Deck Room
Mentors of Talent Campus Durban, Talent Press speak on state of film criticism.
Panelists include Leon van Nierop and Katarina Hederen

NFVF Co-production Forum
10am - 11h30am  Venue:  Fontainbleau
NFVF's Terrence Khumalo discusses the 2012/2013 year in co-productions

The 3-Act Screenplay Demystified with the Writers Guld of SA
11h30am - 1pm  Venue:  Pool Deck Room
Writers Eubulus Timothy and Clinton Marius take the mystery out of story structure.

Film Initiatives Open Call - Afrinolly and Girls' Minds Think Alike:
A Call for Female Filmmakers
12pm - 1pm  Venue:  Fontainbleau
Kafard Films launches a project for African female filmmakers.
Nigerian Film present their ground-breaking app and their short film competition

Music Rights in Film
2pm - 4pm   Venue:  Pool Deck Room
Discussion on the process and legal requirements for using music in a film.

New Spaces for African Cinema
2pm - 4pm  Venue:  Fontainbleau
Hear about the ReaGile project in bringing cinema to SA townships.

Spotlight on EU Treaties
4h30pm - 5h30pm  Venue:  Pool Deck Room
This panel discusses the effectiveness of co-production treaties with EU in boosting
co-production with SA.

Mining the Visual Repository
4h30pm - 6pm  Venue:  Fontainbleau
A workshop on how to access SABC News Archive material for docu's and fiction films.

Wed July 24

Film and Publication Board Workshop
9am - 10am  Venue:  Pool Deck Room
The Film and Publications Board engages with industry on classification.

The Rise of the Zombie Film
10h30 - 12pm  Venue:  Pool Deck Room
A look at the rise of the zombie film, Halley director Sebastian Hoffman
in conversation with Sarah Dawson.

Entry to the free open workshops require prior registration at the DIFF info
desk at The Blue Waters.  Please bring your ID.

This list courtesy of DIFF
Find them on the web:

Article by +Fred Felton

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