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Is This The Next Hollywood Star?

Onwards and Upwards

                                                                 Chella Ferrow

Interview with Chella Ferrow one of the main actors from African Gothic

This week at the Durban International Film Festival I managed to sit down with this actor and ask her some questions about the movie and about acting.

What was it like working on Franchise TV Series like Ugly Betty and Law & Order?

I take what I can.  It's great for the experience, amazing writing there, great shows.  I'm greatful for every opportunity I get.  It helps to be adaptable and chameleon like.  I love accents and nuances.

Why did you want to become an actress?

I love the magical playing.  There's something sacred about it.  There's always a freedom about it.
I was at a Johannesburg school and I knew I wanted to be an actress.  I did a degree in psychology and
moved to London.  It began there.

Tell us about African Gothic and your character?

I'm drawn to Reza's work.  The magic writing.  The rawness of it all.  She's stuck in a past.
There's a wisdom in her.   She is not just a child trapped in a woman.

What is your acting technique?

I've studied various ones.  You use parts that work for you and you use what works for you.
Listen.  Don't get stuck.  It comes from your body.  Do research and reading.

What do you personally do with a script? 

I read it.
I then let it go.
Then I go back to it.
I walk around with it.
I talk.
I stew and things come to me.
I ask the director.
It needs to be physical for me.
Where does her voice sit with me.
In the chest?
In the throat?

Film or Theatre?

I love them both.
The expression in them is different.
Theatre is the sacred genre.
Film I love.
I want to do more of it.

What's next for you?

Auditions in LA.
I would love to do more work in South Africa.

Who's your agent?

Innovative Artists -
Station 3 Management

What's it like for a South African Actress based in the USA? 

Don't try to lose your South Africanness.
Stay creative in your own right.

Tips for people who want to become actors?

Watch a lot of movies.  See lots of theatre.  Keep doing it.  Get into an acting class.
Don't stick with one teacher.  Know yourself.  It's a spirited journey for me.

What do you do to relax?

Read a lot, walk a lot around New York city.
New York is a walking city.

When I interviewed this young lady I got the feeling that there is just something about her.
She is certainly headed in one direction and that is up.

African Gothic is showing at the Durban International Film Festival.
Next Shows:
24 July 15h30 Ekhaya
25 July 6pm Suncoast 

Find out more about African Gothic here -
Find them on Twitter - @AfricanGothic
Tweet them what you think about the movie using the hashtag #Diff2013   

Article and Photo by +Fred Felton 
(Twitter @fredfelton)  

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