Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Film Review - Francine

Film - Francine
Directors - Melanie Shatzky, Brian M. Cassidy
Cast - Melissa Leo

A New Experience


This movie is something different.  I love directors that like to take risks and take challenges.
You will see plenty of those in this movie.  This is indeed a classic indie film.
We join the main character Francine (great performance by Melissa Leo)  as she comes out
of prison.  She gets to experience freedom and life.  She surrounds herself with animals.

There are some wonderful close up shots, the directors explained they love close up shots
because it enables you to see what is going on with the character.

Shot in a classic working class setting in New York you see a different type of people.
Hard working people of the earth.

The directors come from a background of still photography and they used many natural sounds.
The script was based mostly on improv.

A wonderful little movie at the Durban International Film Festival.

Rating 7/10

Next shows are:
25 July 8pm Suncoast
28 July 7pm Suncoast

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Review by +Fred Felton

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