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Film Reviews - 'Halley and 'Evil Dead'

Film Review - Halley

Directed by Sebastian Hofmann
Cast - Alberto Trujillo

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Halley tells the tale of security guard Beto (Alberto Trujillo) and shows us how he is slowly
rotting away.   His body is slowly shutting down.  There is hardly any music in this movie if any.
He is surrounded by people in a gym, people who are in their best shape.  He of course is headed
in the opposite direction.

We see how all of those around him do not really care much for him.  He seems to only exist in a twilight world slowly fading out of this one.

First time writer-director Sebastian Hofmann uses some interesting techniques.  He plays on your imagination and likes to use out of focus shots here and there.

The original idea was based on a short film about a man's relationship with his body.
The director told us that we all have that fear that our body will slowly rot away.

Rating:  7/10

You can catch the film at the Durban International Film Festival 2013
Next Showings are:
21 July 10pm Musgrave
25 July 20h30 Sneddon

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Review by +Fred Felton
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Film Review - Evil Dead

Director - Fede Alvarez
Cast - Jane Levy, Shilo Fernandez, Jessica Lucas, Lou Taylor Pucci, Ellen Sandweiss

This is a reboot of the original movie.  A 2013 reinvention of the classic Evil Dead movie.
Now updated for this generation.  Set in the woods a brother tries to help his sister
get rid of her drug addiction.  Her friends help out as best they come.
However there is something in the woods waiting for them all.

If you love horror movies this one is for you.
There is blood, lots of it.
I heard many people in the cinema screaming.

Rating 7/10

Evil Dead is showing at the Durban International Film Festival 2013

Next Shows
21 July 19h30 Nouveau Gateway
27 July 20h30 Nouveau Gateway
28 July 20h30 Musgrave

Review by +Fred Felton
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