Monday, August 6, 2012

Conversations With #Actors - Lionel Newton

Welcome Dear Readers to the first in many Conversations With Actors.
While at @DIFF (The Durban International Film Festival) I managed to interview
quite a few actors and a director.

We start out with Character Actor Lionel Newton.
He starred in the movie Sleeper's Wake which showed at @DIFF

This is what he had to say:

                                                         Lionel Newton

What Attracted You To The Part?

I looked at this part and asked myself, How do you do it?  What Ammo do you have for this role.

What does an Actor Do?

After Acting for over 27 years the best advice I can give is to Listen, React.
What is your contribution in the bigger picture?
How can you add to the film?
Where do you fit in?
Look at what is required of you.

Advice to young people wanting to be Actors?

Study at a decent place.

You played a fascinating Villain in Isidingo.  How did you approach that part?

I adapted him from a couple of people in my neighbourhood.

Do you use the method?

I don't know what the method is.  When I acted in Triomf I stayed in that house before the movie
for quite awhile before we shot there.   I didn't wash or brush my teeth.  
I have my own method.  What I'm doing is real.  

What's next for Lionel Newton?

A one man show.  We started it at the Grahamstown Festival and we will now be doing it
at a Festival in Jozi.

Where is home for Lionel?


What do you do to relax?

Inner City Farming with my girlfriend.  We are changing our driveway into a grass patch 
for planting seeds, turnng it into a garden.  I am also a keen Motorbike Rider.

How do you work with a Director?

Have absolute respect for a Director.  Listen to them.

Tell us about Acting with Jay Anstey?

She is refreshing, a talent, professional and bubbly.  We became good friends on set.  

Lionel Newton stars in Sleeper's Wake

Interview by Fred Felton 
You can follow him on Twitter @fredfelton 

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