Sunday, July 22, 2012

Film Review - Sleeper's Wake seen at @DIFFest

John (Lionel Newton) and Jackie (Jay Anstey) in a tense scene.

Was privileged to see this film at it's World Premiere at @DIFFest.
This film is packed full of a all-star cast.  Featuring some of South Africa's finest acting
talent including Lionel Newton, Jay Anstey and Deon Lotz.
In this movie based on the novel by Alistair Morgan, we meet John a man recovering
in hospital after a horror car crash.  Needing time to recover after losing his family in the
accident he takes refuge in a cabin in the woods in a small village.

Expertly Directed by Barry Berk, one really gets to experience the tension and
psychology of a man at breaking point.  While trying to recover John comes into
contact with the attractive young Jackie.  She just happens to be the daughter of
his new neighbour Roelf who is on holiday with his kids.

Some of the shoot was done in Port Edward.  The scenery is quite beautiful and
breathtaking at times.  There is a strange tension in a place that is normally seen to
be relaxing and a place to go on a holiday.

Look out for some wonderful music by Daniel Caleb and Jamie Matthes.

If you want to learn about acting take a look at the performances by Lionel Newton
and Deon Lotz.  Quite Brilliant at times.  Wonderful direction, editing and sound.

Rating 9/10

Look out for this movie.

Nice to see this movie also has it's own Facebook Page

Find them on Facebook -  Sleeper's Wake

Review  by Fred Felton

Image from @DIFFest

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