Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What will you be doing for #MandelaDay ?

East Coast Radio jocks get behind Mandela Day.

Caring for abandoned babies, spending quality time with the elderly and making sandwiches for the underprivileged are just some of the ways the East Coast Radio’s on-air personalities will be spending their 67 minutes on Wednesday.

Many of the station’s presenters will be honouring Madiba by reaching out to those around them this Mandela Day. Breakfast Stack DJ Darren Maule will be working with TAFTA at a frail care centre. He says, “People tend to forget about elderly and the frail so I thought I’d go spread some cheer. They can’t make their way to my comedy shows, so I am taking my comedy to them. Everybody needs a good laugh.” Other Breakfast Stack team members – Samson Oduntan, Wez Cruickshanks and George Thorne - will be making sandwiches and handing them out to those in need.

The Workzone’s Makhosi Khoza will be inspiring Abet learners at Westville North Library. He says, “Empowerment is very close to my heart and I truly believe self-empowerment is the cornerstone of all personal development, so I'm doing my bit to applaud those who have embarked on this journey of learning.”

Abi Ray, meanwhile, will be volunteering her affections at ‘The Baby House’ - an organisation that takes in abandoned babies. She says, “It's close to my heart because of the sheer number of children who are in the system just waiting for someone to love them.” Weekend DJ, Nelisa Kala says she’ll be spending some of her time volunteering at TAFTA’s second hand shop – Granny’s Attic. Zaba Simbine from the Drive with Damon will be working with CheeseKids on Mandela Day. Ramona Kasavan will spend her time at Durban and Coastal Mental Health and be aiding in their awareness campaign.

East Coast Radio’s personalities hope that the people of KwaZulu-Natal will also get behind Mandela Day with some small act of kindness.

(Source:  East Coast Radio) 

What will you be doing for Mandela Day for 67 Minutes?  

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