Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Conversations with Actors - @RobVanVuuren

Continuing with our series of interviews we now bring you an interview with
Actor and Comedian Rob Van Vuuren (find him on Twitter - @RobVanVuuren)

                                             @RobVanVuuren lounging around

We asked him some questions:

What does an Actor do?

Acts, we pretend, while trying to pretend what we are doing is the truth.

What does a Comedian do?

Make people laugh.

Tips for Aspiring Actors and Comics?

Don't be kak!

You have to be good at it and work hard.  Work harder.

What drew you to Copposites?

It's a fun genre, a romp, body swap movie, deals with race and culture in a fun light hearted way.
Was a big fat jol.

How do you use Social Media as a Actor?

I think we are all still trying to figure it out.   I keep informed and use it as a fan base.
It's a great news source if you a writer.

Where is home for Rob?

Fish Hoek

A little birdie told me you are in the movie Spud 2?

I have a fun cameo as a hot dog announcer.  It's a fun part, nice set, nice guys.
Was a jol.

What is next for Rob?

I will be at the Hilton Festival.
I'm working on a show called 3 Little Pigs.

What do you do to unwind?

I read a lot.

Do you use the Method?

No, just remember the lines and don't be kak.

How do you find work as a Actor?

Keep yourself as humanly busy as possible.
Create work as opposed to looking for work.
Movies are fun.

Do you have a agent?

I have two agents.
Apm in Cape Town.
MLA in Johannesburg.

What do you think of DIFF (Durban International Film Festival) ? 

Awesome, I feel like a rock star, love it.  It's great that it's on the strip there is a buzz here.

Rob Van Vuuren stars in Copposites which was shown at DIFF 2012

                                                             Photo - @DIFF 2012

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You can also find them on Twitter - @Copposites

Article and Photo by Fred Felton
You can follow him on Twitter - @fredfelton

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