Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Weekend Edition with event news, art news and a delightful short story

The Durban Promenade to open in time for a massive event.


East Coast Radio’s General Manager Trish Taylor, Ethekwini Deputy Mayor Nomvusa Tshabalala and Discovery Head of Marketing Dinesh Govender are ready for this year’s Discovery East Coast Radio Big Walk.

This year’s Discovery East Coast Radio Big Walk not only has a record number of entrants, but boasts an even more scenic route than previous years. More than 31 000 people have signed up to take part in the event on Sunday 26 May. Another exciting element is that the new stretch of promenade between Suncoast Casino and Blue Lagoon will be ready in time for those doing the 10, 15 and 20km distances.

East Coast Radio’s General Manager Trish Taylor says, “The response to this year’s event has been overwhelming and we’re especially thrilled that walkers will be among the first to enjoy the new stretch of walkway. This magnificent promenade instils a great sense of provincial pride and is definitely what we’d call Funsunzi!” Ethekwini Municipality Deputy Mayor Councillor Nomvusa Tshabalala goes on to say, “We’re very excited about the opening of the new section of promenade because we want a healthy city and we promote Durban as a sporting city. Having a beautiful walkway all the way from uShaka to Blue Lagoon encourages people to take up walking and cycling.”

Discovery Head of Marketing Dinesh Govender explains that the Discovery East Coast Radio Big Walk has people’s health and wellbeing at its core, “The event ties in with Discovery’s core purpose of making people healthier – walking is an affordable, accessible and fun way for the whole family to get out and get some exercise.”

Walkers will be doing four distances, each with separate start times. All the routes wind their way along the Durban beachfront and finish at the People’s Park at Moses Mabhida Stadium so participants are encouraged to park at the stadium and catch a free shuttle bus to the start.

(Source - East Coast Radio) 

Fancy an Art Exhibition? 

(Source - Mwimbi Fine Art Gallery) 

FIRE by Andrew Verster

When Hilda McGuire set the house on fire, it was not an accident, they said. In the weeks before she had set fire to her bed, the Axminster Carpet, the Knoll easy chair, and a rattan screen.
 Joanne Latimer, a neighbour wrote on her Facebook page. “Appearances ARE deceptive. Mad as a hatter but she looks like the Virgin Mary, serene, beatific, charming.”
Maureen Copperthwaite, her neighbour on the other side, agrees. “I rushed outside when I smelled something burning and there was Beverly the poodle enveloped in clouds of smoke. Poor mite was frantic as you can imagine. A bucket of water and all was well. But it shows that you don’t have to LOOK made to BE mad.”
“It’s a plot,” Joseph McGuire, her son said, when the police visited the house. “Jealousy. She won First Prize for the “Best Chocolate Layer Cake,” in the Make-It. Bake-It competition for the second year running, and was second in the Patchwork Apron event. They’ll do anything to blacken her name.”
Professor of Psychiatry Herman Purbrook said in a Radio Five interview, that she will be “as right as rain, when she completes her course of aversion therapy. But will require watching.” And added. “No, I didn’t know that she had left the country and gone to Tonga. Win some. Lose some.”

Andrew Verster is an Artist and Writer based in Durban.

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