Monday, May 13, 2013

Exclusive Interview with Travel Blogger @MzansiGirl at Indaba 2013

Today I bumped into Travel Blogger @MzansiGirl at Indaba 2013 at the Visa Stand.
We had a cappuccino and chatted about blogging.



I asked her some questions about this and that:

Where were you born?


What do you do?

Work in Tourism with Government by day.  By night I share the love, I blog, I tweet and
inspire people to see more of SA.

Blogger or Wordpress?

Wordpress.  It's good for SEO.

How do you share your blog posts and what works best for you?

Tweeting led me into blogging.  So I tweet it.  I should use Pinterest more.
I love Instagram.

What have you learnt from the Travel Bloggers and #MeetSouthAfrica ?

They showed me some wonderful new apps like Vine and ProHDR.
I also learnt a great deal at the Getaway Bloggers Conference which was held recently.
I learnt a lot from Mike Sharman he is so inspiring.

What do you think of the Twitter Wall at Indaba 2013?

It is cool.  I love them at any meeting or conference.  I can see what is happening on
Twitter.  I have set up so many meetings just via Twitter.

What do you think of Indaba 2013?

I think this year it is a case of quality over quantity.  I love the new tech like
Indaba Connect.

You said you use Twitter what tools do you use for Twitter?


What book are you reading?

Conversations with My Sons and Daughters by Mamphela Ramphele

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I'd like to be working for myself.

Useful contacts for this Blogger:
Her Blog:
Twitter:  @MzansiGirl

Tweet her she might just Tweet you back.

Interview & Photo by Fred Felton - @fredfelton

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