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Read about the Long Short Walk, news for photogs, Justin Bieber and exciting news for Musicians

Get ready for the Long Short Walk this coming Saturday

In case you weren't aware that we postponed the Long Short Walk to this coming Saturday, herewith the information. Due to the downpour last weekend we really couldn't walk, so we look forward to seeing everyone this coming Saturday. 

We will still be meeting at Mitchell Park, right across the road from Vida E from 11am onwards and should start the walk at 12pm. The walk will end at the attached (pic) point where local graffiti artist Pastel Heart will be whipping up something awesome to add some 031 flavour to our cause!

After we will head back to Spiga to serve some snacks to all those that took part! 

Please spread the word, we are hoping to get a big group together to support this cause, and get Florida Road buzzing with excitement. 

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Sony Photography April  2013

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Bieber of De Aar: Notes from a Pan-American Ground Squirrel
On a whim, I thought of writing this essay about the Bieber concert where sanity is pitched very closely to the winds.
Some have compared the Beatles to Bieber, or maybe the other way around. Where is The White Album?  The albums that launched the lads from Liverpool were punctuated by genius, although the hysteria was less manufactured. This ragamuffin, exporting American mediocrity was being passed around with his mind filled with swine fever, and having his nails manicured at ECR, 5fm and yodelling whilst drinking liquor in the forbidden bush. Pausing to think I wondered what vast, cavernous cherubing was necessary for trumped up choristers with bad hair; shrill at that, being roundly feted as the young Mozart of his day.
Bieber certainly plays in a minor key. In another age, another time, Bieber might have been sent to a salt mine or imprisoned for corrupting a minor. Never mind the Bollocks. An evergreen friend of mine pointed emphatically to the axiom, “Teenagers were always thus” but I tried to face Machu Picchu and pondered exiling myself to Cape Town; where sadly the last outpost of the Empire was serenading the intrepid banality of this Uitlander.
Theatre in the round.  Theatre in the Zoo. In Amsterdam they are busy riding bicycles in a good cheer, and speaking in full sentences in a language I can understand.
Perhaps one can forgive this sophistry, should Justine Beaveriana sing La Traviata in perfect pitch in La Scala whilst writing his memoirs in the Karoo. The farcical disembodied voices on the radio, these days, are as much to blame for this alas. Of course I can believe that belief is something important to believe in even if corruption is the belief that distempers the air in our disbelief.  What is belief after all, on the back heels of a shoeless squirrel who is probably schooled in unbelief, if we are to be believed?  Did he relieve himself? I decided this morning to start walking to the mid Karoo to start a café that services the cisterns of De Aar when Bieber relieved himself on the way to a city or game reserve, where he tasted the lie of the land.
Noting in the margins that Belief only exists in the Karoo; I fetched a bucket of condensed milk to greet and bless this Canadian with a strange deformity on his left shoulder. The panting shoals of four-year olds dragged by parents after midnight, to this strange ceremony put my soul in danger. I thought of the wretched Child Protection Act of 1996 that allows our children to wonder aimlessly through the streets, with pencils in their noses, and being the fine citizens of North America that they always wanted to become. The future is not what it was I suppose! At last we can expect the next chapter in the soon to be published biography called "The Squirrel Whisperer" or the Scientific Version- "How I perfected the lobotomy of the World in Eighteen Years" or "Around the Page in Eighty Badly Misspelt Words". Local Thesbian Jaspar Ennui III is teaching his pet hamster Somalian, and calls his great sailing yacht, Bind the Thick to the Starboard. He already has several offers from the Department of Education. What a relief! Beaver can now retire. What animalism.

Opinion Piece by Timothy Sparks - email:

Musicians Needed!

East Coast Radio is Looking for Musicians for Durban Day
For more details visit this link:

(Source - East Coast Radio) 

If you would like to drop off your bankets for Twitter Blanket Drive Drop Off Locations so far in Durban are:
  • Europa, Florida Road
  • The Sharkcage at The Sharks Rugby Stadium

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