Friday, April 12, 2013

Mexican Dinners, A Big Business Conference, Interviews with Copywriters and a Short Story

Hirsch's have a cooking demo just for you.


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The African Renaissance Conference is coming.

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Email: for more details.

(Source - African Renaissance)

Part 2 of our interview with copywriter Cath Jenkin

A short story

MISS JONES by Andrew Verster

“Have you met Miss Jones, people asked as we passed by, to quote Noel Coward or is it Oscar Hammerstein?”
“Is she the one with the short skirts and low-cut neckline?”
“No, that’s her mother. Miss Jones is dumpy and looks as if she had got her clothes at a car-boot sale.”
“I prefer the sound of Mother Jones .”
“You gather she’s a hooker?”
“I would never have guessed!”
“Ultra sophisticated. Penthouse in Umhlanga. Porsche.  Salukis.”
“By the way, why did you ask if I knew her?”
“She’s coming round for Bridge tomorrow evening, and we are one short.”
“Pity. Scrabble’s my game.”
“Win some, lose some.”
“Ask her about Scrabble anyway. You never know.”
“See you. Must rush. I’m doing a brinjal lasagna. She’s a vegetarian. Which is hard to believe.”

Andrew Verster is a world famous artist and writer based in Durban. 

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