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Book now for the BASA Education Programme at the KZNSA in Durban with @sharlvers and @AlmaMaxwell

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With a new Kwa-Zulu Natal representative on the ground and an increased focus on the relevance, advancement and sustainability of the arts in the region, the upcoming Business Arts SA - BASA Education Programme, supported by Etana Insurance, are not to be missed by arts practitioners.

The first Durban series of workshops in the 2013 BASA Education Programme, supported by Etana Insurance, take place on April 11th at the KZNSA Gallery in Bulwer Road, Glenwood and are free to pre-registered participants.

Businesses will also be able to take part in the focused activities on April 11th by attending a business breakfast also at the KZNSA Gallery.

The business breakfast will include national and regional Business and Arts South Africa representatives and will give insight into a number of initiatives aimed at business. These include the first-of-its-kind BASA Arts Sponsorship Management Toolkit, which gives South African businesses a tool to navigating the sponsorship cycle and, ultimately, the ability to measure the effectiveness of arts sponsorship as a strategic part of any business.

The Durban workshops are also a chance for businesses and arts practitioners to connect with newly appointed Business and Arts South Africa representative in the region - Sharlene Versfeld of Versfeld & Associates.

Versfeld has been involved professionally in the South African arts sector since 1987 and has a long-standing reputation for her extensive work as an arts marketer most notably with the various festivals hosted by the Centre for Creative Arts at the University of KwaZulu-Natal.  In 2012 Versfeld undertook research for the British Council, with Nicolette du Plessis of Cultural Radius, on the South African arts landscape in relation to international agencies and collaborations. She is additionally a Board member of the Flatfoot Dance Company and does pro bono marketing for Action in Autism in KwaZulu-Natal.

“This is a challenging chapter in the arts industry in South Africa,” Versfeld says of her new tenure.

“Tough as it may be, we truly believe that businesses are looking for new and innovative ways to leverage their brands, whether from a sponsorship point of view or from a meaningful corporate social responsibility perspective.

“The research that BASA has done, the relationships developed with business and the inroads made into professionalising the arts industry provides a solid foundation for the further development of arts and business relationships, and we look forward to being part of a motivated and skilled team to help facilitate this in KZN.”

The Durban BASA Education Programme workshops, supported by Etana Insurance, are divided into three sessions and will cover social media, publicity basics (as part of the Back To Basics programme) and fundraising.

Are you all aTwitter and LinkedIn to Facebook? 11:00-12:30

Alma Maxwell of Outsourced Communications will share some insights about Social Media and how arts organisations can use these "versatile free-to-use" platforms to get the conversations going.

Back to Basics 13:00-14:30

Publicity and the Art of getting your message across in a very cluttered media space. Sharlene Versfeld and Kwazi Ngubane of Versfeld & Associates, unpack the basics of publicity and share some useful tips in getting media coverage.

Fundraising 14:45-16:00

From crowd-sourcing to sourcing-crowds of money, a professional fund-raiser will look at hints and tips to increase your opportunity of raising funds for your organisation/project.

The BASA Education Programme, supported by Etana Insurance, has seen workshops already held in Johannesburg and Cape Town and upcoming workshops planned for the Eastern Cape as well as Limpopo regions.

To be part of the BASA Education Programme, supported by Etana Insurance, and attend these important, insightful and stimulating workshops contact: Jessica Dennison at or 011 447 2295

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Book for Bad Romance! 

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PANSA/Rainbow Young Performers Project 2013

For the original production
Written and Directed by Peter Court and Charon Williams-Ros

Rehearsals: Every Weekend from 14th April – 23rd June
Full time 25th / 26th /27th June
from 28th June – 14th July 2013

REGISTRATION: 09h00 – 10h00
•Singers•Dancers [All Styles]
•Gymnasts/Acrobats•Physical Actors

•Mime Artists•Magicians

•Special Skills [Skateboarding/Trick cycling/Parkour/Free running, Juggling/Diablo/Baton twirling, etc.]

•Musicians [portable instruments only – must be your own]

NB: Audition is open to High School learners only
Enquiries: PANSA Tel: 031 201-4750 /email:

If you are considering a career in theatre, this is your chance!

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A short story by Andrew Verster

“I didn’t see your mother at church this morning.”
“You didn’t see her last Sunday either.”
“You are right. Come to think of it.”
“Not surprising, she’s dead.”
“My mother.”
“That was sudden.”
“Not really. She died three years ago.”
“YOUR mother? Are you sure?”
“MY mother, of course.”
“My mind is playing tricks, Janet.”
“Of course. How silly of me.”
“And you are?”
“Pleased to meet you.”

Andrew Verster is a World Famous Artist and Writer based in Durban

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