Tuesday, September 23, 2014

KZN goes #FlipFlopFriday Crazy - Networking Breakfast - Digby And The Lullaby Coming to Durban

So flip flopping amazing! Thousands of people across KZN tweet their feet!

(People from all over KZN Tweeted for #FlipFlopFriday  

It was a flip flopping amazing day in KZN on Friday (19 September 2014) as thousands of people across our magnificent province tweeted their feet and exposed their toes!

Social networking site Twitter was flooded as thousands and thousands of people from across Durban, the north coast to the south coast, through to the Midlands and southern KZN sent through cute, zany, creative photos of themselves or their offices in flip flops, as they took part in East Coast Radio’s annual #FlipFlopFriday campaign.

#FlipFlopFriday was started three years ago as a celebration of provincial pride during Heritage Month, and we think we showed the rest of SA some serious KZN spirit!

Pics even came from South America and Germany!

There were group toes too, as offices got creative with a healthy toes, I mean dose, of zany.

Overall, a toe-tally, flip floppin’ awesome day in KZN! 

(Source - ECR) 

Networking Meeting 

Digby And The Lullaby coming to Durban

2 October - Cottam Castle
3 October - St Clements
4 October - Bellevue Cafe
7 October - Centre for Jazz and Popular Music 

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