Monday, September 22, 2014

A Durban Hackathon For Startups

It's almost time for a hackathon for Startups in Durban.

(Media Launch for Startup Durban)

To kick things off UKZN Graduate School of Business and Leadership will be hosting a free business workshop for people interested in attending the hackathon.

Date: 27 Sept 2014
Time: 8h30 for 9am till 1pm
Venue: Graduate School of Business & Leadership, Westville Campus, UKZN
Cost: Free

To book and for more info on Startup Weekend Durban visit:

After this workshop is Startup Weekend which is from October 3 - October 5 2014.
Over that weekend entrepreneurs get to pitch their idea to judges.  If the judges like what they hear the winning team stands to win big.  There will also be mentors and coaches to help you along the way. 

This is all in line with Statup Weekend - a Global event which is held worldwide.  The event is headquartered in Seattle, USA.  

Entrepreneurs come together and form a team of core members and work on their idea and then pitch it to the judges. 

You have 60 seconds to make your pitch your idea.  20 idea's will be selected.  Teams will comprise 5 members each.  On Sunday each of the 20 teams will have to present their business model to a panel. 

This year Mr Sewnarain of IBV Vaults will be the Patron of the event.  He reminded us at the media launch that this country needs entrepreneurs.  

There will also be inspiring speeches at the event as well.

If you like working late into the night on the next big idea then this event is for you.

'From concept to company in 54 hours' - this is the tagline for this event says Professor Cassim one of the team leaders behind the Durban event.  

For more details of how to join or for sponsorship details visit their website:

Article by +Fred Felton 

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