Friday, July 25, 2014

Interview with Actor Nick Boraine one of the stars of A Snake Gives Birth To A Snake

This week I managed to interview Actor Nick Boraine.  He is starring in 'A Snake Gives Birth To A Snake' which is showing at The Durban International Film Festival 2014.

I emailed him some questions and this is what he has to say:

Nick Boraine

Tell us about 'A Snake Gives Birth To A Snake' ?

The story follows a diverse group of South African Actors who, together with American Theatre Director Michael Lessac, create a play about the role of the translators in SA's TRC.  The Actors travel to other places that have experienced conflict and find themselves performing their theatre piece in Rwanda, Northern Ireland and the former Yugoslavia.  This extraordinary journey leads to the opening up of difficult conversations around reconciliation and forgiveness and brings together radically different experiences of conflict. 

Tell us how you created your character for 'A Snake Gives Birth To A Snake' ? 

The character was created out of endless improvisations.  We all had the luxury of time and all of us could explore, research and then improvise around a variety of scenarios.

Advice for aspiring actors?

Decide early on what you are doing in this crazy business and then rely on your instincts rather than your intellect. 

Which do you prefer: Theatre, TV or Film? 

They all offer such different things, all come with their own challenges and I love them all differently... but equally. 

Which actors inspire you locally and globally?

Geoffrey Rush, Kate Blanchet, Andrew Buckland and Charlie Chaplin.

What's the best acting advice you ever received?

Don't Act...Re-Act.

Where is home for you?

Greenside in Johannesburg.

Is this your first time at DIFF? As someone in the industry what are your thoughts about DIFF?

First time at DIFF and I think it is an extraordinary festival.  Wonderful to be in Durban and an exceptional opportunity for South African Film Makers and ordinary South Africans to make and watch their own stories. 

How has ever-changing technology impacted on the acting profession?

Yeah a lot over the years...pretty soon there will be a tiny drone hovering around my head to film my scenes...looking forward to that.

What project is next for you?

A couple of movies shooting in Cape Town - Looking forward to spending some time there.

Nick Boraine is one of the stars of 'A Snake Gives Birth To A Snake'. 
It is showing at the Durban International Film Festival.
Next Screening: Friday 25 July, Suncoast 20:15

Interview by +Fred Felton

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