Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Find out about Journalism and Snakes with Max du Preez

Interview with legendary Journalist Max du Preez.

Max du Preez
I emailed him some questions and this is what he had to say:

What was your role in the documentary 'A Snake Gives Birth To A Snake' ? 

I was a consultant, especially because of my work with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

What has the whole experience of touring with the play to all these countries shown you?

I came back with a new sense of hope that attitudes among South Africans were not as hardened as in those other post-conflict countries, that we have a lot less hatred and suspicion and are able to talk and engage with each other.

What tips and advice can you give to young journalists starting out?

Be absolutely committed to the task of serving the truth and the public; keep your ear on the ground and understand what's happening in our society; and persevere.

Should journalists be using social media to break news stories?

Yes, if we are talking about events unfolding but follow it up with background and context in your newspaper/radio station/tv channel.

Where is home for you?

Africa. South Africa. I live in a village 70km outside Cape Town called Riebeek-Kasteel.

What is your preferred medium (print, documentary) and has the preference changed over the years?

I spend most of my time writing books on history and politics but making a documentary every now and then is very exciting.

What is the state of media in South Africa?

Under siege from the state and corporate interests.

Which South African media are doing journalism well?

Daily Maverick, Mail & Guardian, some Sunday papers, eTV's Checkpoint.  Our investigative journalism is still very strong.

What project is next for you?

A reality TV show called History Games and a book titled Of Rogues, Romantics and Rabble Rousers - Unusual Stories from South Africa's Past.

You can see Max in 'A Snake Gives Birth To A Snake' at the Durban International Film Festival. Next showing: Friday 25 July, 20:15, Suncoast Cinema.

Interview by +Fred Felton

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