Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Exclusive Interview With The ACSA Executive at Indaba 2014

Last week at Indaba 2014 I sat down with the Executive Team of ACSA and asked them all about managing the airports of South Africa.

(Terence Delomoney, GM of King Shaka International Airport, Yvette Schoeman, GM of Regional Airports SA, Dion Cloete, GM of Cape Town International Airport

The team I interviewed consisted of Terence Delomoney the GM of King Shaka International Airport, Dion Cloete the GM of Cape Town International Airport and Yvette Schoeman the GM of the Regional Airports of South Africa.

What is ACSA?
Terence: There are 9 airports in the country and ACSA is responsible for managing the operations at these Airports.  ACSA is majority state owned.  75% by Govt.  15% by PIC and the rest by minimum subscribers.

How many people travel through Cape Town International Airport?
Dion: We have 8.5 million people annually visiting us through Cape Town International Airport.  We are highly seasonal.  In the winter it is generally quieter.  Our focus is now on events.  We do very well when busy.  We are also aiming for unrestricted capacity. 

Tell us about your Regional Airports?
Yvette: We have 6 regional airports.  So we have smaller traffic and our focus is on non-aeronautic aircraft.  We are no different from other airports, just a closer community.

What happened to that Malaysian Plane that went missing?
Terence: It’s a mystery.  The industry will relook at their technology and hopefully this will never happen again.
Dion: Even though this happened, plane travel is still the safest form of travel.

What happens if there is a plane accident in South Africa or at your Airports?
Dion: First a plane has to get a safety check and certificate even before we allow them to take off so your first issue is to make sure the plane is safe. We take the lead if there is an accident.  We have a response for any emergency.

What do you think of Indaba?
Yvette: It’s my first one and it is amazing to see how many people pull together for Tourism and for Africa.
Terence: We are a key player in this place and we are very active with Tourism Agencies.  It’s a wonderful platform.  We are also now exploring the Pan African region as well.  We are looking into India and Ghana to expand our footprint.
Dion: Someone once told me if you don’t have an African strategy you don’t have a growth strategy.  This event helps with that.

Terence:  Indaba must stay in Durban.

Find out more about ACSA here - 

Interview and Image by +Fred Felton 
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