Friday, May 16, 2014

10 Questions With Carol Ralefeta

This week we have an exclusive interview with the new presenter on the weekend for East Coast Radio.

We sat down with Carol Ralefeta to find out all about her.

10 Questions with Carol Ralefeta

Where were you born?
North West in Mafikeng.

What was it like working on 94.7 and Metro FM?
It was great.  I've been on radio since 2001.  I've done retail, commercial and corporate radio.  Each one was challenging.  ECR is great and very exciting.

How did you become a Radio DJ?
In 2001 I studied at RAU, there the bug bit me and I did some auditions.  I worked as the news presenter and loved it.  Radio has been good to me.

What advice do you have for people who want to be Radio DJ's?
You need to have a passion for it.  You should be okay with struggling and with defeat.  You need to be able to bleed for it.  That's passion.

What will your show be like?
Awesome music, I have a crazy personality.  Expect to be entertained.

Tell us about Mika Stefano?
We have a 'Ride or Die' philosophy.  He will be on the show and giving us a local insight into entertainment. He also has his own blog and he loves entertainment.

How did you end up owning a makeup agency?
I'm a qualified makeup artist.  Also I'm in the entertainment industry so it's a great fit.

Who inspires you?
My Mom, she inspires me to want to do better.  She's always been a fighter.  My sister as well, she's powerful.

What's the best advice ever given to you?
My Mom telling me 'I will always be your Mother.'  Whether you 20 or 60 years old.  Sometimes in this industry you can get swept away but she keeps me grounded.

How do you use social media?
I enjoy it.  I reveal a lot more on Instagram.  You see more of my personal life.
I block freaks.
My Twitter and Facebook is more open and for work.  

Bonus Question: Advice for youngsters who are bullied on social media?
Lock your account if you feel you are being bullied.  Locking it protects your account.  Even if friends bully you block them.

Carol Ralefeta takes over the Weekend Breakfast on East Coast Radio every Saturday 6am to 10am.
Find her on Twitter -
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Interview by +Fred Felton
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