Monday, March 24, 2014

Film Review - Four Corners

Film - Four Corners
Cast - Lindiwe Matshikiza, Brendon Daniels, Jerry Mofokeng, Jezzriel Skei
Director - Ian Gabriel

Last week I was invited to the screening of 'Four Corners' the new movie by Ian Gabriel.

This was a pleasant surprise.  I sat down expecting to see your standard movie instead I saw something else.
Something very inspiring indeed.  It showcases our South African talent at their best.  Great script, great acting and tight direction by Gabriel.  The movie also has a stunning soundtrack by electronic musician Markus Wormstorm.

Four Corners gives us a tale all about gangsters and chess.  A very interesting combo indeed.  We have a young chess prodigy Ricardo (Jezzriel Skei) torn between the gang world of his neighbourhood and the chess world where he is winning awards and becoming better and better.

Add to the mix Farakhan (Brendon Daniels) who has returned to the area to start a better life.
Look out for a great cameo by the legend Jerry Mofokeng.

There are indeed some wonderful scenes in this movie and watch out for many twists in the tail.

Rating: 8/10

Online Links For The Movie

The movie opens on 28th March

Review by +Fred Felton

(Sources & Credits Giant Films and IMDB)

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