Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Weekend Edition - Events Around Durban and a great Short Story

GIBS and East Coast Radio Executive Breakfast - Leading with Impact
Join GIBS, East Coast Radio and Trade and Investment KZN for the third annual and much anticipated executive business breakfast - Leading with Impact.
Confirmed speakers include:
  • Brian Molefe, CEO: Transnet;
  • Prof Nick Binedell, dean: GIBS;
  • Nicola Tyler, CEO: Business Results Group;
  • Norman Chorn, author: Future Builders; and
  • Buhle Dlamini, founder: Young & Able
Date:Thursday, 7 March 2013
Time:07:30 - 11:00
Venue:ICC, Durban, 45 Bram Fischer Road, Durban
Fees:R500 per person, R4 750 for a table of ten
Gloria Bokaba on 011 771 4229 or email

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Durban Chamber Event

To book Email -

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MY DEAREST AUNT by Andrew Verster

It was a sad place, BOXLY HOUSE, a retirement home for the frail, started by Professor Ronald Boxly as somewhere to house his aged, fragile and garrulous mother of 89.
“Either I go mad, or she goes anywhere but here.”
It was sad because the Professor didn’t have quite enough money saved to do what people call “a proper job.” Unwillingly, he had to cut corners, and the result was very far from perfect, in fact, far from just alright.  The rooms were cramped, the ventilation poor, and with old people who are, often, through no fault of their own, not the most of hygienic people, the place had a fetid smell, no matter how much AIRWICK they planted here and there. The windows were thrown open first thing, come rain, hail, sunshine, hurricane or fog, and stayed that way till Matron left round seven and the night staff took over.  
But as most of the inhabitants were heading towards dementia, some hurrying, some ambling, the world they lived in bore little similarity to the actual world or that of Boxly House.”
“We do our best, but I often regret that our best is not good enough. Please excuse me, I see Hilda van Niekerk heading for the fish pond.  Sorry, I interrupted you. Who did you come to see?”
“Molly Stanton.”
“Didn’t they call you? How naughty of them. She let herself out this morning and apparently has taken a coach to Umhlanga, though we haven’t been able to trace the coach. Nor her. But I’m sure she’ll turn up, like a bad Penny. Oh I AM sorry. That was a most unfortunate turn of phrase.”

Andrew Verster is a World Famous Artist and Writer Based in Durban. 

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