Friday, March 8, 2013

An Inspiring ECR GIBS Executive Breakfast

This week I attended the East Coast Radio, GIBS Executive Breakfast.
It was indeed quite inspiring.

Speakers - Nicola Tyler, Buhle Dlamini, and Nick Binedell with East Coast Radio's Trish Taylor
and Seema Diahnan and TIKZN's Wendile Gumede and Norman Chorn.

Put on by East Coast Radio and Trade and Investment Kwazulu-Natal (TIKZN) the GIBS
Breakfast had some fantastic speakers.

Seema Diahnan from East Coast Radio started us off and introduced everyone.

Nicola Tyler was a wonderful MC for the event.

Transnet CEO Brian Molefe

We heard a great talk by Brian Molefe the Transnet CEO.  He told us about the developments
happening at Durban Harbour.  New Cranes will be put in place, new infrastructure.
Twenty Years from now the Durban Harbour will need upgrading.  Transnet is focused on spending on training as as well.  He told us that new jobs are on the horizon over the next 7 years.

Nick Binedell was very inspiring.  He reminded us to learn faster than the rate of change.  He also told us
that there was no country of our size that has produced so many champions.   He told us that SA has a legacy of greatness.  Good people want to work in great companies he said.  Great companies want to be in great countries.  People need great countries.

Norman Chorn showed us how organisations work and the changing face of technology.  This is a much more complex world he reminded us.  He asked us, 'What is the dominant competitive position of your company?'

Lastly we had an inspiring talk by Buhle Dlamini.  What a motivator he is.  He suggested we change our thinking and look for the opportunities.

To find out more follow the hashtag #ecrgibs on
and get more insight into the Breakfast.

All in all a wonderful event and successful executive breakfast.

Article by Fred Felton - Photo's Courtesy of East Coast Radio.

(Fred Felton was a guest of East Coast Radio.)

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