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These Easter Holidays will be filled with fun and laughter as Catalina Theatre brings you Easter Bunnies & The Storyteller from 28th March till the 7th of April 2013. A fairytale of Two Easter Bunnies who are hungry for Stories of which they believe will make them grow stronger and braver, do dances, songs and magic spells trying to get a Storyteller to relieve them from hunger. Mama Nomusa Xaba ( an International Storyteller comes to their relief and tells rich and nutricious stories from abroad and interacts with audiences through song, Musical Instruments, games and poetry.

A 40 minutes magical piece worth enjoying, written and directed by an award winning Director Mpumy Ndlovu. Each ticket cost R35 and R55 including Boat Rides.

Shows begin at 11am everyday and boat rides run every hour For bookings contact 031 305 6889/ 083 764 3177, or

(Source - Catalina Theatre) 

Garden Room Caters & Events 

For more info email Fred Lukas 

FRICKADELL FREDA by Andrew Verster

Frickadell Freda, they called her. “They” being the boys in Ozenfont Pre-Primary School in Moira Boscombe Terrace.
“Why do you call her that?” Jeanette Pardew asked.
“Because she is sort of round and she smells like a meat pie.”
It could have been  a lot worse, for, with one leg shorter than the other after an accident on the family duck farm when she fell under a tractor driven by her elder brother “Pillage” Pardew, the doctors at Ozenfont Clinic said that,  had  Hubert Horrocks not grabbed her by both arms and pulled her out, “she would have been a goner.”
But fate was on her side as Hubert was the anchor in the Ozenfont Under Thirty Tug of War team who had a record of three victories in the past five years over teams from the other side of Ozenfont Ridge.
“I jumped in, boots and all,” he is quoted as saying.

And Freda herself? “Such things happen all the time. It’s just that it was my turn. Tomorrow someone else will be under a bus, a ten ton truck, a collapsed block of flats, or falling from the roof of a skyscraper. I save abandoned babies, I nurse pigeons with broken wings, I  teach macramé to spastics, I help pensioners with their shopping, I do aromatherapy, plant herb gardens in the neighborhood, but because of an hormonal deficiency I am famous for smelling like a pile of putrefying meat. But my bags are packed and I’m off to Botany Bay  - a second cousin once removed has a chalet on the beach – and I am going to write my memoirs. Nobody knows about Freda the hurdler, the disc-jockey, the rap-artist at the CHI-CHI PALACE,  or the carpet weaver. But they indeed WILL.
Watch this space. AND Kalahari.Com.

Andrew Verster is a World Famous Artist & Writer based in Durban. 

Will You Be Going to #OpenNight ? 

Many of you are well aware of the post-PC revolution upon us. We'd like to explore this a bit further at our upcoming #OpenNight where radio personality and financial journalist, Hilton Tarrant will be sharing his insights.  There will also be a heated debate surrounding Android as an ecosystem.

The aim of our #OpenNights is to provide devs, designers, tech enthusiasts and all-round geeks with a platform to network and engage with one another, sharing their learnings in order to empower the Silicon Beach community. We'd like to invite you and anyone who you think might be interested to join us. Please note that this is a FREE event but we do need you to RSVP beforehand due to space and catering constraints.

Event details:
Date: Tuesday, 26 March
Time: 18:00
Venue: immedia HQ

  • The state of mobile in South Africa - Hilton Tarrant
  • Debate: Should Android be considered an ecosystem?
  • Hot Hardware segment: showcasing some of the coolest toys currently available 

We welcome external speakers, who would like to showcase their projects or a topic they think would be of interest so please feel free to contact me if you would like to present at one of our #OpenNights. 

To RSVP for this #OpenNight, please fill out the application here.

(Source - immedia) 

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