Monday, October 1, 2012

Creative Programme for Unemployed Youth in KZN

We have just heard of a great opportunity for unemployed youth in KZN.
If you are interested in theatre or creative works, this one is for you.

Debby Shapiro will be running a creative programme exclusively for PANSA members.  Her communication and socials skills programme offers young people the opportunity to learn more about their current abilities in these areas and plan where they want to be and how they want to get there.

She has 17 years experience working to help individuals develop their potential through her creative therapy work in the UK.  She is also a qualified TEFL instructor (Teaching English as a Foreign language) and is well versed in interviewing and communication skills.  In marrying the two, she offers a tailor made programme to help youngsters improve in their interviewing and presentation skills.

"I have heard from employees at NYDA that the area of communication skills is one that youngsters require assistance with. To this end, I could offer an individual programme of role play with mock interviews. I will help individuals improve and refine the areas that need attention. I would use a check list and mark for improvement in the different areas.  I feel I could greatly benefit youngsters by listening to their presentations and giving them feedback."

She will facilitate youngsters to produce creative productions.  These productions can be used in a number of ways-

i) Presenting educational plays to schools which get an important message across in a stimulating, fun way.
ii) Offering companies free market research in the form of a stimulating theatrical/musical reflection of people’s perception of that company.  This can be used to add value to an AGM or bonding/team day as well as offering creative insights to management about what the company means to local society.

This programme will be of tremendous benefit to youngsters who are unemployed.  Any interested people to email with their names, contact number and email addresses.  Please note that this programme is free and will run on a weekly basis for the month of October and half of November.  Space is limited so hurry and book your spot!

Source - Pansa 

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