Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Interview With Film Director John Barker

Last week I managed to sit down with the director of 'Wonderboy For President' John Barker.

I asked him some questions on directing.

What does a director do?

You work with actors, get a good script and get the best performances out of the actors.

Tell us about the film?

5 years ago we wanted to make a film about politics. It revolves around 2 guys who run the ANC's Braamfontein offices. 

How did you fund it?

Through friends and our own money.

What advice do you have for young film makers starting out?

Get a decent story, a couple of characters, a 2 handler, sell the people on the idea.

'Wonderboy For President' is showing at the Durban International Film Festival.

Next screenings

22June 12pm KCAP KwaMashu
23 June 12pm Umlazi W Library
24 June 12pm Creative Arts College
25 June 2pm Playhouse

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This article by Fred Felton
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