Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Matty & Sis on its way to Mozambique's Festival Teatro De Inverno

Matty & Sis
26 -30 May 2016-Festival Teatro De Inverno Mozambique.

A scene from Matty & Sis

            Matty & Sis is a tale of two sisters, like any other relationship they have issues and fights. They play games to keep the time in a distance and laugh together to soothe any sadness and guilt. As the play unfolds it is revealed that one of the sisters is dead, she keeps coming back every night to Mattys bedroom because Matty cannot let go, cannot accept the reality. The touches on themes about life, guilty, love  and death. Matty & Sis is translated in many languages and it has played all over the world, but never in South Africa. Philisiwe Twijnstra was able to cast two professional actresses Sthembile Vicky Nyanda and Segametsi Gaobepe who will travel with her on this exciting artistic journey.

Philisiwe Twijnstra is a South African actress, musician, emerging stage director and playwright. She resides in Durban. She was selected as one of the delegates in Women Playwrights International Conference. She was also part of a womens festival in Johannesburg to stage her first adapted play Sugary Spice. She is writing her new South African script 'The Red Suitcase Salty Pillows and a Novel.

Theo Fransz.(1958) has been trained on the theatre school in Amsterdam. In 1984 he founded MUSZ Theatre Company in Amsterdam for which he directed and wrote many award winning shows. His plays have a very strong structure and deal with universal dramatic themes in a light and sometimes comic way. In the nighties his work became popular in other European countries and was translated in English, German and French. His work became very successful in Germany. Recently he is a successful actor for film theatre and television.

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