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Youth Filmmaker Project - Deadline 26 January 2016


This is a call for young filmmakers to apply for an opportunity to be considered for the Youth
Filmmaker Project 2016.

The Youth Filmmaker Project is a valuable intervention by the National Film and Video
Foundation, to provide recent graduates of film schools and tertiary institutions, particularly
those from historically disadvantaged backgrounds, with an opportunity to make their first
professional fiction film in collaboration with mentor/producers Ramadan Suleman, Neville Josie
and Bhekizizwe Peterson.

Based on the strength of your submitted synopsis short listed candidates will be invited to an
interview. After the interview process fifteen participants will be selected to join the story and
script development workshops over a 6 months period. The six months involves working
independently and through participation at the workshops. Attendance at all workshops is
compulsory. Finally ten of the strongest scripts will be selected to go into production in 2016.
The successful projects and teams will then be provided with a directing mentor and a
professional production crew to shoot their film.

The story and script development process will include 5 x 3 day mandatory residential
workshops between the months of February 2016 and June 2016 with facilitators and mentors,
working on developing the script with the participants. The process encourages writers to hone
their approach to story and eventually direct their films or partner with a first time
director/graduate. During the preproduction process, each director will also be provided with the
necessary tools to break down scripts for camera as well as detailed strategies for extracting the
best performances from the actors.

Natives At Large in association with Jungle Works will produce the films.
The mentoring process will continue during production, editing, post production to final delivery
of the film.

The applicant must meet the following requirements:
1. Have graduated from university, film school or a tertiary institution no more than five years
2. Have studied in one or more disciplines or have experience including (but not exclusive to):
writing, directing, editing, cinematography, producing, performance, visual art, photography or
any other relevant subject.
3. Be a historically disadvantaged individual as defined in the constitution of South Africa.
4. Be able to set aside the requisite time over a period of 14 months to complete the programme.
5. Not older than 35 years.
6. Should not have made a professional narrative/fiction film.
7. This is a funded project so no payment is required.

Eligible candidates for the project must:
* Submit a strong written synopsis for a short (approx. 24 minutes) fiction film with a clearly
thought out premise or controlling idea.
* Demonstrate a familiarity with cinema, story telling, literature, performing and visual arts.
Familiarity with the tools of scriptwriting including software will be an advantage.
* Demonstrate a willingness and ability to work with others in pursuit of the same objective.
* Understand the value of and is able to work under pressure and tight schedules.
Shortlisted submissions will be invited to present their proposal in person.

"SA 2030"
The series of films that will be produced need to be packaged as a cohesive series, and in order
to achieve this, we have put forward a theme around which writers can submit their story idea for
a 24 minutes fiction film.
In an effort to avoid stereotypical and clich├ęd themes, we want to explore current themes that
resonate with young South Africans, themes that explore the values and expectations of South
African society today and in the future. The overall theme for this submission speaks to the
future: SA 2030 ³We, the people of South Africa, have journeyed far since the long lines of our
first democratic election on 27 April 1994, when we elected a government for us all. We began to
tell a new story then. We have lived and renewed that story along the way. Now in 2030 we live
in a country which we have remade. Our new story is open ended with temporary destinations,
only for new paths to open up once more. It is a story of unfolding learning. Even when we
flounder, we remain hopeful. In this story, we always arrive and depart.² An excerpt from South
Africa¹s National Development Plan¹s vision statement.

2030 is in the future but a future that¹s not really far off it is a mere 15 years away. But as we
know from history and experience much can change and much remains the same. The synopsis
of the story that you submit must give a strong sense that it is unfolding in South Africa 2030.
The story can be hopeful or pessimistic but should be driven by strong characters with clear
needs and wants. The synopsis of your story and the ideas you present should also indicate that
you have thought about and researched the subject matter.

There are many issues and concerns related to the cultural, social, political, economic, gender,
technology and environment among others that could be a starting point for your story but we
are interested in how you imaginatively and creatively explore these concerns through a
characters journey in a 24 minutes fictional story located in South Africa 2030.
These are just some of the ideas that can be explored with this theme. We believe there is a
multitude of stories that can come out, but the ultimate goal is to make stories that will resonate
with audiences today, told from a youth perspective and stories that we can recognize ourselves

All applications should be able to provide the following documentation for

1. Not more than a two to three pages detailed synopsis for one 24 minutes film. DO NOT
2. A covering letter with a strong motivation stating why you want to participate in the project.
3. CV and certified copy of ID document.


The extended closing date is the 26 January 2016.

All applications must be submitted electronically to by the extended closing date. LATE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.
All enquiries must be directed to:
Natives At Large Nonkululeko Dube: 011 782 1552 /1453
NFVF Xolelwa Mayatula (Production & Development Coordinator): 011 483 0880

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