Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Review of Brainwavz In-Ear Noise Isolating Earphones

Last week I received a wonderful surprise in the post.  A parcel from the good folks at Brainwavz.  They asked me to try out their new Brainwavz S1 model ( and see what I think.

Well I tried them out and here is what I think:

First off I love the rich detail in the packaging.  Everything is very well set out.  

Best of all these earphones even have their own carry case.  How cool is that?
I love the new design of these earphones, not your normal type of cord.  It features an Oxgen Free Cable.  If you can imagine what an elastic rubber band feels like.  This makes a huge difference.

The earphones I received were dark grey/black which works well with any outfit you want to wear. 

The earphones also feature COMPLY™ Premium Earphone Tips which makes a wonderful difference to the listening experience.

Now let us look at the sound experience.

I tested these earphones out on 3 different types of music and videos and here is what I found:

Batman: The Dark Knight by Hans Zimmer
The earphones worked very well with the rich deep drums, synth and bass in this music video and it really enhanced the listening and viewing pleasure. 

Behind The Wheel by Depeche Mode
An old favourite of mine and the earphones certainly brought the music to life.

Time to Burn by Storm
A real dance beat to this piece with high B.P.M. and it certainly put these earphones to the test.  A wonderful sound explosion and the earphones contributed wonderfully to the music.

So as you can see 2 songs and 1 music video I tried it on and the earphones did not disappoint.

Try them out yourself, trust me you won’t be disappointed:

Review by Fred Felton

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