Monday, June 1, 2015

Entrepreneurship the beat to the African drum

This year’s African Renaissance conference focused on Entrepreneurship, looking deeply at youth entrepreneurship across Africa.

The African Renaissance Conference 2015 - Image by Fred Felton 

Leading the opening panel was Councilor Mayor Nxumalo who officially welcomed all delegates, which had almost every country represented on #Africa Day. Minister of Small Business & Enterprise Lindiwe Zulu highlighted the importance of working collaboratively with other African countries as key to growing South Africa and Africa as whole.

What was interesting to note that the industries that need the most entrepreneurial growth were renewable energy, technology (green & innovative), maritime, agriculture, economic and social development industries. These industries have the potential of growing immensely and impacting greatly on communities, according to the government panel which included Minister of the Presidency Jeff Radebe.

Even with all these developments the challenges are real in every aspect relating to youth, mainly being youth unemployment, slow youth development in entrepreneurship, lack of job creation and inadequate support of youth entrepreneurship. Much of these challenges plague many African countries even with current and planned resources to assist, however there have been instances of silver lining with the support of great businesses that do a great deal of work to actively take part in strengthening the economy.

For entrepreneurship to grow in Durban, South Africa and Africa as whole, it begins with its people. Its people need to adopt a new mindset of how to do business and encourage any youth within their midst to do more than expect a job, but be creative with their skills and find new ways to create opportunity and work for themselves and others. 

Article by  Amanda O Mathe 
Journalist and Director at Ndlovukazi Online Media.
Twitter @Onapower

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