Monday, December 1, 2014

Interview With Songbird Nianell

Last week I managed to sit down with singing superstar Nianell.


This is your 7th album 'Just Be'.  Tell us about it?

I have 11 originals and 4 covers.  It is kind of like paying tribute to where I came from and giving gratitude.  I love Track 1.  Track 7, 'All is Perfect' is about embracing the light and dark side.  Accept your light.  Just be in life.  I don't listen to music because my head is full of music.  Silence is my favourite.  I gave myself 2 years to work on this album.  The last two years have been up and down.  I lost my Mom.  'You showed me how' was written for my Mom.  I had to start peeling off layers.  Once I realised who I am.  I'm not a human doing, I'm a human being.  Music is a key.  Music opens up the hearts of people.  Your self-conscious beliefs turn into your life.  You have to be what you want to experience.  I wonder how many people love what they do.  When I felt successful, then I became successful.

What made you choose Karen Capenter's song 'We've only just begun?'

I grew up with that music.

Tell us how you use social media?

Twitter is new to me.  I'm good with Facebook.  I have a YouTube page and a website.  On Facebook you can just share ideas and connect with people.  Facebook is a way to connect.  I read everything on there.

What advice do you have for youngsters who want to become musicians?

Learn to love and accept yourself.  If you can know who you are.  If you are gentle on yourself, focus and believe in yourself.  Have integrity. Then you can make a success.  If you want to make money do it just as long as you don't lose yourself.  Don't walk on to the stage and expect anything. Be comfortable with yourself.

What do you feel works for you better in terms of making money: music sales or concert tours?

Live Concerts.  This is where you make your money.  I've done small concerts and I've done stadiums.  I also like going back to perform at smaller places.  It gives an opportunity for other artists. A lot of big artists do that.

What is it like to sing with Andrea Bocelli?

He was very humble.  I learnt a lot.  It's a fleeting experience.  It was a great performance.  He is a beautiful person.

Tell us about singing at the FIFA World Cup?

That was amazing.  It was a fun moment.  The energy was just amazing.  You are not nervous when there are so many people.

You have won many awards, do you think awards change you?

I couldn't care less.  It doesn't define me or my talent.

Tell us about Proud Partners?

It's all about connecting people.  Teaching skills.  It's not just about giving. It's a win win.
That is an honourable exchange.

What's next for Nianell?

My goal is to Just Be.  I have a TV Show called 'Just Be.'  That is all about life and fun.  There will be a variety of activities on it.  I've also written a book, 'Knowing who I am' and my passion is motivation.  You have to find out what you are passionate about.

What do you love about Durban?

The people are nice.  The coffee shops are nice.  The weather here is a challenge.  We've met the most amazing people.  The food is excellent in restaurants.  I love the trees in Durban.  Nature speaks and trees talk.

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