Friday, November 1, 2013

Wedding Bells for popular East Coast Radio DJ

There’s a good reason why East Coast Radio’s Abi Ray refuses to come down to earth. Life is pretty good up on cloud 9!

The vivacious DJ, who presents The Pulse on ECR every weekday evening from 6pm, is a step away from walking down the aisle. Abi’s partner David Rama popped the question over the weekend!

The couple met through a mutual friend seven years ago and have been dating for over three years.

Throwing out her trademark infectious laugh, Abi describes how David sat with the engagement (which she helped design) for ten whole months.

“It became a running joke,”she says. “He was taking his own sweet time about it so I’d ask,  ‘What are you waiting for?!’ “

Abi says when she had waited for nine months for David to pop the question , she decided to prank him and say “No” when he did ask her to spend the rest of their lives together.

But of course that was the furthest thing from her mind when David presented her with the designer sparkler over the weekend.

“We were at home and he started off by playing our two very special songs. When I wanted to know why, he presented me with the ring. My initial reaction was, ‘Really?!?’and then I burst out crying.”

The happy couple plan to tie the knot before autumn next year. They are planning a small, intimate wedding “somewhere near the mountains” with a handful of close friends and family.

And yes, Abi has already mentally designed her perfect wedding gown for when she marries her Prince Charming. She wouldn’t give anything away other than say it will be “feathery and flowy.”

“I am really overjoyed that David asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. I’m completely mad about him and completely in love. And the two of us could not be happier!”

(Source - East Coast Radio) 


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