Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Movie Review - Captain Phillips

Movie - Captain Phillips
Cast - Tom Hanks, Barkhad Abdi, Max Martini, Chris Mulkey
Screenplay - Billy Ray
Director - Paul Greengrass
Cinema - Cine Centre, Suncoast Casino

If one were to describe this movie in one word the word 'harrowing' comes to mind.
This is on the edge of your seat stuff.

Expertly directed by Paul Greengrass (The Bourne Ultimatum).

This man knows how to up the tension in a big way.

We join Captain Phillips (Tom Hanks) as he departs on his next ship.  Captain Phillips is the captain of one of those huge cargo ships that you see in the harbour.  This ship has to go down a dangerous route near Somalia where there are many pirates just waiting to attack the ships.

The ship is trailed by a Somali Pirate (Barkhad Abdi).  Great performance by him.
Eventually they catch up to the ship and board it.  The tension escalates as the U.S. Navy enters the fray and a SEAL team is brought in.

Look out for Max Martini (The Unit) as the U.S. Navy SEAL Commander.
There are some wonderful scenes in this movie and you leave the cinema in awe at the acting, writing and direction.

It is rumoured that Tom Hanks might just win the Oscar for his portrayal.
Based on what I saw I think he just might.

Rating 9/10

The Trailer

(Trailer - Sony - YouTube)

Review by +Fred Felton

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  1. As a ship's captain(living in Umhlanga) frequently trading in the Gulf of Aden Area, I can vouch for the authenticity of the marine and piracy scenes. In many respects they are terrifyingly lifelike. Of course, being filmed on a ship and not in a studio makes a massive difference to reality.

    For more intuitive background to this sad part of the world and the life of pirates and those sailing in the area, check out Amazon Books/Kobo/B&N/iTunes Books - 'The Megiddo Revenge'.

    Also available in paperback at Kalahari

    1. Hi Christopher Thanks so much for your comment and the link. Have a great day. Fred