Thursday, December 6, 2012

We Interview Health and Fitness Guru @LisaRaleighSA

Greetings readers.

This week we interview the lady who knows everything about health, wellness and fitness, Lisa Raleigh.

1. What fitness tips do you have for business people?

Do what you can with what you got from where you are. Never stop. Take the exercise with you.

2. It's the silly season what tips do you have for us so we don't eat too much?

Use a balanced approach. Moderation is key, find different ways to exercise. Pick one meal a day and have what you like.

3. We see you doing inserts on the Dr Michael Mol show and on the Expresso show what do you do there?

We show the latest trends, lifestyle, fitness news, we start filming again soon.

4. We hear you have a new product out called @HealthboxSA what is that?

It's a solution for people wanting lifestyle changes. We deliver to your door. Wellness delivered.

5. What advice do you have for entrepreneurs, seeing as you are one yourself?

Follow your passion, it's hard work, you work long hours. It's fun, it involves sacrifice.

Love what you do.

6. How do you use social media.

I love Twitter. I'm a Twitter addict.

I have someone who does my announcements and the rest is me.

I have also just started on Pinterest.

Social media has opened doors for me
like the show.

I tweeted people and asked them to be on the show.

Lisa Raleigh is a health, wellness and fitness expert.

You can tweet her on @LisaRaleighSA
Find out more about Healthbox at @HealthboxSA

Article by @fredfelton

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