Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Contributions needed for SA Dance Book & Auditions Coming Up

Dear Readers

Quite a bit happening around Durban.

For starters Pansa is calling for contributions for a new South African Dance Book:

PANSA is pleased to announce that it will be producing a coffee table book of South African dance. With this in mind, we are making a call for contributions of both text and photos. Your voluntary contributions to this historic venture will be greatly appreciated, and acknowledged in the book.

So, if you have any of the following, please send it in because we would like an opportunity to consider it for inclusion in the book. Content we are looking for includes, but is not limited to:
  • written contributions, in the form of history of dance organisations, anecdotes of leading personalities, brief biographies of important and ground-breaking dance practitioners, reviews of major productions, or any similar written content,
  • High-resolution digital images of dancers, choreographers, or dance productions,
  • insights into the history of contemporary dance in SA, important milestones and personalities, or any other content that you think might be relevant.
All photographs, paragraphs and contributions of another nature will be acknowledged in the book. So pull out your photographs, old or new, of personal and professional dance and dancers for possible inclusion in this historic publication. While we cannot guarantee that every photograph or line of text will be included, all contributions will be treated with honour and accorded the care and attention they deserve.

Important legal stuff
By sending the images and/or text to us for inclusion in the book, you warrant that:
1. You are the owner of the complete copyright and all other rights in the material submitted.
2. The content submitted does not infringe any existing copyright or any licence or any other right of any person, organisation or company.
3. The material submitted does not contain plagiarised, obscene or objectionable material or anything of a libellous or scandalous character.
If the content submitted does not belong to you, or is subject to copyright by some other body, you provide full details of such person or organisation to enable us to contact them for permission to use the content.

Please email contributions to
Deadline: 18 January 2013.

(Source - Pansa) 

Auditions - Man International

Damon Beard is looking for more Male Dancers and Singers for 2013

For more details go to
and click on Join The Show

(Source - Damon Beard) 

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