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Conversations With A Film Director - Philip Roberts

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Today we have an interview with a film director - Philip Roberts

                                                        Philip Roberts

What does a Film Director do? 

There are different kinds of directors.  Depends on the style.  They have to be a
screenwriter also, a storyteller and love Actors.  Cast as well as you can.
Learn about Photography and lenses.  Know how to take a beautiful picture.

Tell us about One Last Look?

It's a Psychological Thriller.  It's also a Genre Movie.
It's a cult movie.  It is a twisted work.  Brutal.  It is like
Michael Powell's 'Peeping Tom.'  I love that movie.  He made you feel
for the serial killer.  We shot it on location in a old Victorian Farmhouse.
We wanted it to look like a graphic novel.
It certainly has influences from 'Heart of Darkness.'

It's a Slasher / Serial Killer Movie, there's been so many how did you take a fresh
look at this genre?

It's a Psychological Thriller - where the protagonist overcomes the antagonist using psychological
It's a good genre to use.
We wrote the script and it was noticed by a Hollywood Agency.  They invested in it
and sold the rights to it in the Middle East before the movie was made.

How do you handle Actors?

Try invest in them confidence.  Rehearse the script on location.

What skills should a Director have?

Narrative skills, helps to be a writer.  Get specialists for each crew position.
A director must have a controlling idea.  What is this movie about?  Know that!

Tips for Aspiring Directors?

Go to a good Film School.  Join a film crew.  Write stories.

Talk about the difficult balance between the Director and the Producer?

Sometimes you have to make compromises.

How long did it take to make One Last Look? 

It took 23 Days to shoot.

How did you raise the financing for this movie?

We received a 30%  rebate from the DTI (Department of Trade and Investment)
The NFVF (National Film and Video Foundation) gave us R1.2 million.
The IDC gave us the rest.

How do you work at a film festival, how do you network to get distribution deals?

Take the film to certain genre festivals.  Meet lots of people.

Were you involved in the editing of the movie?

I sat with the editor.

After the interview Philip invited me to a screening of the movie One Last Look.
It is indeed a great movie.  Scary in many places, dark at times and he is quite
correct in saying this is a cult movie.  It is also proudly South African.
Was wonderful to see a quality South African crew make this.
Do yourself a favour and go see One Last Look.
It really is worth it.

                                              A scene from One Last Look

You can find out more about the movie on their Facebook page.

Article by Fred Felton - you can follow him on Twitter @fredfelton
Photo's courtesy of @DIFF

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