Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Holiday Edition 28 December 2011

Greetings Readers.

Hope you are enjoying your holidays.

Coming up soon is the Festival of Reading New Writing.  Have you entered?

5th NLDTF / PANSA Festival of Reading New Writing: 13 january 2012 (CT, Dbn, Jhb) 
The fifth PANSA Festival of Reading of New Writing will be held in April 2012. The deadline for entries is Friday January 13, 2012.

The aims of the Festival are to generate original South African theatre works, to provide a platform for these works to reach the attention of theatre producers, and to work towards full-scale productions of the winning plays. An important component of the Festival is the discussions following the reading of each work, to encourage constructive feedback, and the debate around theatre aesthetics, functions and forms. The winning scripts in each region are re-read in the national final and are up for a Grand Prize of
R30 000.

The festivals have been a resounding success in previous years with most of the winning scripts (and numerous of those not winning as well) going on to full scale productions at a variety of theatres and festivals, both locally and internationally. Winning plays include, Salaam Stories by Ashraf Johaardien, Bungi writing finals by Finuala Dowling, Guy Willoughby’s Church Full of Light, and Mike van Graan’s Green Man Flashing and Two to Tango. More recent winners Kobus Moolman’s Stone Angel and Nicholas Spagnoletti’s London Road (Jury Runner up winner 2007) are still currently enjoying runs on the local circuit.

The scripts should be entered in one of the following categories: Comedy, Drama, 1 / 2 Hander. A panel of judges will select the five best scripts for participation in each regional Festival. Each of the selected scripts will be given a basic subsidy to fund reading rehearsals and S&T as required. The Festival will be open to writers throughout South Africa.

The basic criteria for participation are:
· All PANSA paid-up members may submit for free
· Non-PANSA paid up members will incur a R200 entry fee
· the work must be an original work
· the play must not have been published or performed before
· PANSA would have first option on producing and publishing the play (selected works may be published in a collection)
· plays should be between 70 minutes and 90 minutes long to ensure the possibility of a full-scale professional production
· there should be a maximum of 8 actors
· English should be the primary language of the play

Scripts must be typed, loose-leaf and have all pages numbered. Please include a cover page with all contact details and title of the play.

Submissions must be sent to PANSA National Office at Postnet Suite 237, Private Bag X18, Rondebosch, 7701, Cape Town by FRIDAY JANUARY 13, 2012.

Hand written submissions and those that arrive after the submission date, will not be accepted.

Writers will be notified of the outcomes by the end of February 2012. All enquiries to 021 448 3513

Enjoy that Holiday and have a wonderful New Year.

From The Staff at Umhlanga Life

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