Thursday, October 2, 2014

South African Film 'African Gothic' Keeps Winning Awards

African Gothic goes from strength to strength.

(Image courtesy - African Gothic)

It was in 2013 when I saw this film at the Durban International Film Festival.  I was introduced to the cast and crew amongst them the main actor and producer Damon Shalit.

He has just given me some wonderful news about the film.  Since it was shown at DIFF2013 it has achieved the following:

  • African Gothic (AG) has played in 7 festivals worldwide
  • AG has been nominated 18 times for awards
It has won the following awards:

  • Best Film at the Tornoto African Film Festival
  • Best Film at the Golden Door International Film Festival presented by Tommy Hilfiger
  • Best Screenplay at the Golden Door International Film Festival
  • Best Director, Actress (Chella) Best Cinematography and Best Editing at the Golden Door International Film Festival
  • Best Actor for Damon Shalit at Salento International Film Festival
  • Best Thriller and Best Actress at Houston Wordfest
'Not bad for Diepe Grond' says Damon Shalit. 

Not bad indeed.  

To find out more about this film and distribution deals visit their website:

Article by +Fred Felton 

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