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Theatre Review - Jack And The Beanstalk

A Breath Of Fresh Air

(Image courtesy of KickstArt Productions)

Show: Jack And The Beanstalk
Written and Directed by Steven Stead
Designed by Greg King
Cast: Shelley Mclean, Liesl Coppin, Rory Booth, Nathan Kruger, Darren King, Jessica Sole, Peter Court, Bryan Hiles, Lyle Buxton
Venue: Sneddon Theatre

This is another KickstArt Production and it shows.  All KickstArt Shows have a high level of professionalism about them and this show is full of professionals.  Packed full of the best talent that Durban has to offer.  You are seeing the best of the best.  If you don't know the tale by now this is the story of Jack (Rory Booth) who sells his family cow to two scoundrels Claude and Cecil (Scene-stealers both Peter Court and Bryan Hiles) in return for some magic beans.  The beans land up in the field and so grows a huge beanstalk which leads to the realm of the Giant (Lyle Buxton) who reminds me of someone.  Anyway there is a hen that lays magic eggs and a harp made of gold.
Prepare yourself for a wonderful pantomine, there is great interaction with the audience.  Look out for Lady Perfidia Beastly (Liesl Coppin) and Rory Booth.  Darren King is superb as Jack's Mom, loved the outfits.  Shelley Mclean is wonderful as the good fairy.

Look out for some animated sets it almost feels like you are in a comic book.  There is much work backstage as well and the crew is to be commended.

There is lots of audience interaction and some superb singing and dancing.  This show received a standing ovation at the performance I was at and you can see why.

The perfect outing for the family at this time of year.

Rating 10/10
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