Monday, June 11, 2012

Rovos Rail Royal Luxury

At Indaba I managed to visit the Rovos Rail Stand.

They really did have one of the best stands at Indaba.

I had a a wonderful interview with Carole O'Connor from
their Marketing Department.

She told me all about Rovos Rail.

She told me some wonderful stats on Rovos Rail.

They have their own Private Station.  It operates out of Capital Park Station, Pretoria. SA.
The Company was started by Rohan Vos.  He started to fix old Caravans and old trains
and slowly it developed into a Tour Operator Business.  The first was the Jules Verne.
He filled it up.

Carole gave me some wonderful business tips for business owners out there.
The Company pays cash for everything.
They have their own workshop and do all the repairs onsite.

The owner still greets every guest before they travel.

They have different suites on the train and various trips.
The Cape Town - Dar Es Salam trip is 13 days.  It crosses 5 Countries.
The trips are full of wonderful expeditions and excursions.

They have guests from all over including Scandinavian Countries, Sweden, Russia
and Turkey.

You will sometimes find the owner under the train fixing it.
They have marketing agents worldwide.

They spend a lot on marketing and have a lovely website.
They do not advertise.

They find that more people from SA come for the trip and hotel packages.

Some useful links for Rovos Rail.

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Follow them on Twitter - @RovosRailTours

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(Article and Photo's by @fredfelton)

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