Wednesday, October 12, 2011

12 October 2011 - Auditions

Just received this press release some Auditions coming up:

Press release from the Gay & Lesbian Network, Pietermaritzburg

The Gay & Lesbian Network wants to find new and exciting acting talent, which we feel exists in and around the Pietermaritzburg area, to form part of an Award winning Youth Theatre Company that has exciting plans for 2012.
The Network will be hosting drama auditions to identify acting or performing skills and to see what aspirant actors can bring to the group and future performances.
The Network is looking for actors who have a real passion for acting and sharing their skills with other young actors.
The following are the criteria to participate in the auditions:
1.    Preparing for the Audition:  participants should bring along a speech/monologue that has been prepared and learned by heart. This will be presented to the auditioning panel and other young members of the group. This can be a speech taken from a text or it can be something written by the participant.
It should be presented in ENGLISH and should be a maximum of three minutes in length.
2.    Bring a song or a poem to present to your audience.
This does not necessarily have to be in English, it can be in the home language of the participant.
3.    If the participant has a special talent such as dance/ mime or play a musical instrument, this could be demonstrated at the audition. The participant will need to inform the panel beforehand.

AT THE AUDITION: As well as the presentations indicated above, participants will be given a short two person scene where they will have twenty minutes to prepare with another actor.

This will show the ability at being able to work and interrelate with another actor on stage.
Participants will also participate in a thirty minute improvisation workshop with the whole group. This will demonstrate one’s ability to be creative, spontaneous and to be able to “think on your feet”, as well as being able to work in a larger group.
Finally, there will be an interview session where participants will be questioned on their passion and commitment to acting/performing and to being part of the Drama group, and their willingness to accept the strict rules governing punctuality and attendance at Workshops and Rehearsals.
This ensures that the group achieves the high professional standards expected in order to present continuing high quality performances.
The following are details of the drama auditions:
DATE OF AUDITIONS:      Saturday, 5 November 2011
TIME:                                     2PM
VENUE:                                 Studio Theatre, Hexagon University of KZN, Golf Rd, PMB
For more information please contact Ponie Ngcobo at 033-3426165 or email: or visit our office at 185 Burger Street,pmb

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