Wednesday, July 6, 2011

6 July 2011

This week we bring you a story from the short story competition held recently at St Clements.

Perhaps by F.W. Felton

The strange man was sitting at the Coffee Shop that morning. The waitress arrived.
He ordered a small cappuccino.  In front of him a new apartment block was being built.
He marvelled at the red struts all over the building.  He wondered what would happen if somebody
pulled out some of those red struts?  Perhaps the building would collapse.  Perhaps someone could
do that at night.  Perhaps.  The waitress arrived with his cappuccino, wrong size.  He didn't complain.
No sense getting angry.

He could come back later, show the waitress his new knife and slit her throat.


This story is one of 50 in a new collection of short stories titled 'le petit dejeuner'
available at Adams Bookshop, Musgrave Centre.

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