Monday, June 6, 2011

6 June 2011

                                                                      Pic of the day

Umhlanga Lighthouse.  One of the landmarks of Umhlanga Rocks.

Poem of the Week:

The Jester                      Nick Lithgow
Cavernous hall vaulted oak-beams and stone walls
Light streaming through arched windows above
Tables lined with merry folk, some drunk, singing
Light wine and mead from pewter mugs
Pork and bread from earthen spread
Children and dogs playing at their feet

I donned my fools cap and strutted out
The risen stage, naer fist but tossed food
Booing and applause, choked laughter
At my ridiculous jesters gait
Casting arrogance like a net, I held them
Enraptured at my every word

In common tongue I cursed the King
The Queen a whore, they bayed for more
Of Princes, Priests and Dukes and Lords
I lashed with whip and switch and blade
Stripped them bare, none were to spare
Foul mouthed and angry, I damned them all

The rapt crowd cheered, soulless tirade adored
With tears of mirth they worshiped my calls
Famed reprobate throughout the land
Who entertained by mocking the law
Every tavern a home, free booze and swill
Where I blustered with sharp wit and jagged claw

But not long after my core did fail
My eyes ran dry and my breath was stale
More wretched a man there never has been
Begging a crust and water a pail
With vermin as friend, lice crawled on my head
My mind was numb and my spirit was dead

And then perchance a Princess did pass
Never more beauty did I ever behold
Silk skin, sparkling eyes and shimmering dress
“Oh lady fair, please, just one more chance”
She cast her gaze down at my cowering rags
Her pretty lips parted and addressed me thus
“Your mouth was your weapon
Now you’re sucking on sores
Your strong frame had leverage
Pox and booze have ravaged and bored
You berated my family with perditious lies
Now nobody cares if you live or you die!”

She turned on her heel when a horseman arrived
A monstrous black beast with evil red eyes
I screamed in terror, begged for mercy in vain
My mind was seized and my limbs racked with pain
The rider thrust forward, hooves flashed in my face
And there where I lay was there where I died

A gentle white light drew me though the membrane of time
I laughed and I danced to my spiritual rhythm divine
Emerald green fields, gold hedgerows and rolling streams
Surrounded me as I repaired with my love and children three
“I’m sorry, I failed, you deserved more by far”
“Don’t be sorry Daddy” they smiled, “We love who you are”

And then His Devine Benevolence placed his hand on my arm
His kind eyes gazed without verdict or harm
“You had love and sound mind, health and strong bones
But you dismissed your friends and fed wrath to your foes
You are My son, I love you without condition or term
But you learned nothing this time, so you will have to return”

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