Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Interview with Julianne Alcott Author of 'The Ripmender'

We interview Julianne Alcott author of ‘The Ripmender.’

1.  What made you become a writer?

I started writing stories when I was about seven, and making them into little books with a staple to hold them together. I didn’t choose to become a writer; it’s just who I am.

2.  What is your advice to those that want to write a book?

Know which age group you are writing for, so that you get the language and style correct. Write about what you know, but also write about things you don’t know. Your book should take you on just as much an adventure as it does your readers. I have learned so many new things from researching the books I have written. Don’t be afraid to just write, and get it on the page. There is plenty of time later to edit it. Have a plan, and know where your plot is going. Have trustworthy, honest people who can read it and help you make it better.

3.  What advice do you have for writers who want to market their books?

Learn to think out the box. Try as many different angles and places as you can come up with, but always be respectful. Don’t annoy people by constantly advertising your books. I know of writers who post the same four adverts on Facebook every day. It gets kind of tedious.

4.  Tell us why you love Durban?

I love our sunshine, and I love the way people come out onto the beachfront and exercise. You get all shapes and cultures, doing everything from cycling, to Sunfit classes at Suncoast. It’s great to see people getting out of their houses and moving.

5.  What do you think of literary festivals?

I have never been to one, but they sound like they could be fun.

6.  Where do you like to eat out in Durban?

I don’t have a favourite place, but I have favourite meals from certain places. I love John Dory’s seafood, Marulas’ sushi, Mugg and Beans’ bacon and cheese muffins and the Hawaiian Rounder from KFC. And my friend Lauren is a culinary goddess, so any opportunity to eat out at her house is welcome!

7.  Which are your favourite writers?

Mary Stewart, for her adventure romances and incredible descriptions of places.
Dick Francis, for his amazing action.
Agatha Christie, for constantly pulling the wool over our eyes with her murder mysteries.
Jane Austen, for her satirical sense of humour.
John Flanagan, for his Rangers Apprentice series. He has inspired me to improve my battle sequences.

8.  Tell us about your book?

My book is called The Ripmender, and is a young adult science fiction romance. It is the story of an ordinary South African girl who becomes involved in a world she never knew existed. And of course, it is about a boy; the gorgeous young rock star Nathan Jake, who is definitely not what he seems to be. I had such fun writing it!

9.  Tell us about Wattpad?

Wattpad is an online bookshelf for writers to post their stories, and readers to read them. It seems like a very enjoyable place to go. I wish I had the time to work at it more, and read more of other people’s stories. But, I am trying to get a teaching degree, and studying prevents me from becoming more involved in things like Wattpad.

10.  What is next for you?  

I am working on the second and third books in the Ripmender series. After that, I have two completed romance novels that I need to tweak, and several others to finish. I am also working on a crazy fantasy book with the writing club at my school. Writing a book with twenty children is definitely an experience! It is fantastic to see how excited the children are about our story. I will be putting it on Wattpad once it is done.

Julianne Alcott lives in Durban.

She loves hearing from readers, so send her a Tweet @JulianneAlcott or visit her blog at She’s also on Wattpad  - julianneA, and every so often publishes stories for free.

You can buy the book on Amazon or on Kobo and soon on Kalahari

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